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Sencha Releases Sencha Touch Charts for Interactive Mobile Web Data


sencha touch charts

Sencha Touch allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. Sencha has recently announced a new feature called Sencha Touch Charts that aims to “change how people interact with mobile web data.” The new Touch Charts add-on allows users to explore and interact with data in-session without high latency server image serving. Users can zoom in and out of data, as well as pan across data sets and quickly aggregate and filter data series. It should be interesting to see what PlayBook apps can take advantage of this add-on, as it sounds like it would be great for an app like Data Drilling.

Head to this link to read the blog post announcing Sencha Touch Charts.

Head over to the Sencha website to read more about Touch Charts.

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Data Drilling App for PlayBook Breaks Down Spreadsheet Data to Help Analysis


data drilling app

Data Drilling is a really cool-looking PlayBook app that helps you learn more from your data by visualizing it. The app takes spreadsheet data and presents it in a variety of graphical formats to help you study it better. This app is great for app developers because you can export the App World spreadsheet to the app, and break down your app’s downloads based on a variety of factors in order for you to better learn about your users. Another benefit of Data Drilling is that it comes in a free, Lite and Pro version.

Click here to check out the free version of Data Drilling in App World.

Click here for the Lite $2.99 version of Data Drilling.

Click here for a Pro version for $4.99.

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