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Experiencing BIS Problems in Canada and North America?



There are reports that BIS users across Canada and the US are experiencing problems across all carriers with email, web browsing, Facebook, Twitter etc. So far there are no reports from the Michigan area, but Ohio and parts of Canada are reporting problems. RIM is attempting to fix the problem.

Are you having issues? Let us know where, what and on which carrier.

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T-Mobile Spokesperson Responds to WiFi BlackBerry Data Outage


T-Mobile have issued an explanation for the BlackBerry data outage that affected users on Monday and Tuesday, saying it related only to WiFi and not T-Mobile’s network. This is contradictory to what many users reported, but all inquiries on the subject were deflected from T-Mobile to RIM, who have not commented on the outage.

In an email to PC World, a T-Mobile spokesperson said the outage affected all North American carriers, and that RIM’s technical support team managed to troubleshoot the problem.
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Are You Experiencing a Data Outage on Verizon?


There are reports coming in from around the Internet that Verizon is experiencing data issues this morning. It seems New York is fine but other regions are down. Let us know where you are and if it’s down.

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Rogers 3G Network Down – Today is a 2G Day



UPDATE: Reports are coming in specifically from Ontario, Canada. Just to be clear.

We’re getting reports that the Rogers 3G network has been shotty all day and in many cases going down completely. If you’re experiencing problems, turn off your 3G connection and you should be good. We’ve heard that there was a planned BlackBerry service outage yesterday and I doubt the two are related but you never know.

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Rogers and RIM Planned BlackBerry Outage on January 17th at 2AM



Dataoutages.com are reporting that Rogers and RIM have a planned outage on January 17th between 2AM and 6AM EDT. The outage will affect both BIS and BES systems and while some users have received emails saying the outage will only last 10 minutes, I personally have never heard of an outage being that short. I don’t think users will mind this outage so much as it’s planned, but at the same time it’s frustrating for them to be planning outages so soon after their consecutive unplanned outages. At least most of us will sleep through it.

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