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AT&T Announces Two Tiered Data Plans for Smartphone Users


AT&T has announced two new pricing plans for smartphone customers based on wireless data usage. The new plans include $15/month for 200MB and $25/month for 2GB. Previously, AT&T BlackBerry users would pay $30 for unlimited* data and this new plan segments users based on how much data they use and offers a sensible rate.

According to Consumer Reports, BlackBerry users consume about 54MB of data per month on average. This average is probably skewed by the users who don’t use any data at all and the small group of users who consume incredible amounts of data. Overall, it’s probably best that AT&T sets these new prices at 200MB and 2GB, but the power user may tend to go over the limit.

How much data do you use in a month?

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Rogers Updates Tethering Policy for Users With 1GB+ Data Plans


Rogers have updated their tethering policy to allow tethering to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1GB and above, with a few exceptions. The current tethering policy is set to expire on May 3rd. Rogers new tethering policy can’t be with the new 1 GB+ One Rate Roaming plans (except Rocket stick plans), Family Shared Data & Voice Plans and Smartphone & Rocket stick shared data plans.

More information available from Rogers.

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Verizon Will Require Customers With BES Express to Upgrade Data Package


One of the value propositions of BES Express was that corporate users would be able to use their BIS data plans on a BES, thus saving the company money on data plans and a BES license. It turns out Verizon will be requiring all users on BES Express to upgrade their data plan to the corporate rate. It seems RIM may have been unaware Verizon was going to do this, as they said “This means if you can browse the Internet from your BlackBerry smartphone today you are already on a service plan that can be used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.” This is now technically incorrect.
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Rogers Now Offering Better Roaming Rates for Canadians in US


Rogers have launched a new One Rate Roaming plan which is going to be really beneficial for anyone who travels to the US. For an extra $10 more per month than most Rogers regular domestic data plan rates, customers can now sign up for One Rate plans which allows them to use data in the U.S. as they would at home, and have it deducted from the same data bucket.
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BlackBerry software Deal-of-the-Day: TetherBerry



TetherBerry is a simple way to tether your BlackBerry to your laptop. The app involves installing a connector to your desktop, as well as the software to your device.

This app used to take some tweaking in your Internet settings to get it to work, but the latest builds have eradicated much of that. Also, while it requires that you are connected via USB, the company is working on a Bluetooth solution.

TetherBerry is normally priced at $49.95, but it is now available for $24.98.


Rogers further increases costs on BlackBerry and smartphones


blackberry 8800

Rogers has doubled the length of time customers must wait to upgrade their mobile devices. Now, customers must wait 24 months, rather than 12, to upgrade their devices.

This news comes shortly after Rogers execs admitted a serious budget shortfall and announced an increase in hardware costs. Lengethening the amount of time required for a device upgrade, seems to be another means of tightening the budget gap.

Rogers said the change to its hardware upgrade program, which took effect Tuesday, was “designed to achieve cost efficiency.”

The move follows a March 13 decision by Rogers to reduce subsidies on several of its BlackBerry models for subscribers who agree to three-year contracts – another change that appears aimed at reining in costs at the wireless unit.

For example, the flagship Bold model now costs Rogers subscribers $299.99 with a three-year contract, compared with $249.99 previously. Without a contract, the Bold sells for $649.99 at Rogers.

Similarly, an older Curve model is now $149.99 at Rogers with a three-year contract, compared with $99.99 before.

By contrast, a similar Curve 8330 model is advertised at $99.95 at Bell Mobility and $99.99 at Telus Mobility, although any complete price comparison must take into account the total cost of owning a device over the full term of the contract.

Although the move will likely increase revenues from those customers who need a new device immediately, it is alienating those customers who are ready to switch to a smartphone but want a hardware upgrade to help with the costs. The carrier is not making their profits on hardware but on plans rather. But focusing on this revenue stream, they could be missing an opportunity to capitalize on plan upgrades with a new device.