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Rogers offers new BES data plan, still has that familiar feeling (’Cool Deals?)


One might say that feeling is located somewhere in the posterior region of Rogers subscribers. We recently tipped you off to a Rogers deal that would provide SMBs with a free BES for 15 new Rogers subscriptions, and now we’re letting you know that Rogers is offering a new data plan for BES users, whereby you receive a whopping 300MB of data for the low, low price of $45/month!

But can this really be constituted as a ‘Cool Deal? My first reaction upon seeing this was, “Well, it’s cheaper than the previous plan of 25MB for $60.” It’s also well known that enterprise customers frequently get the short stick in pricing compared to consumers, but this may be beyond the pale. Right now, until August 31st, Rogers BlackBerry subscribers can upgrade their consumer plan to 6GB for $30/month. If anyone can explain the schism between the pricing, other than ‘Rogers can get away with it,’ please post a comment below.

Click here for more details on Rogers new BES data plan

iPhone 3G Round-Up: Rogers Caves on Pricing, Unboxing Shots, Launch Promotions and Reviews


Steve Jobs holding the iPhone 3G

We’re now t-minus two days and counting from Apple’s worldwide iPhone 3G launch, but from the amount of information swirling around the Internet today, you’d think that Jesus Phone 2 was already available. Here’s a round-up of all the iPhone info you need to know:

Rogers Caves on iPhone Data Pricing (Almost): In response to the huge outcry over a lack of an unlimited data plan, Rogers is launching a promotional offer of 6GB for $30, which can be added to any voice plan. The promo will be available for iPhone buyers who activate with a three year contract before August 31.

*Update* This offer will also be made available for 3G BlackBerry users, i.e. for the BlackBerry Bold!
(via Engadget)

Rogers Stores To Open Early on Friday: A handful of Rogers Plus stores across Ottawa will open their doors at 8:00 a.m. (all times local) on Friday, for advanced purchases of the iPhone 3G (see link for list). Breakfast will also be served for people while they wait.
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iPhone 3G Unboxing Shots: For all those looking to satisfy their unboxing pic fetish, Boy Genius has the goods, with a full iPhone 3G unboxing gallery.
(via Boy Genius Report)

First iPhone 3G reviews after the jump!

AT&T iPhone vs. BlackBerry Comparison: Data Rates


When we took the time earlier in the week to compare Rogers’ iPhone and BlackBerry voice and data rates, we were surprised at how well the iPhone 3G fared. Comparing AT&T’s iPhone and BlackBerry plans, however, we’re surprised by the similarities: unless you need visual voicemail, there is absolutely no difference between AT&T’s plans. This is actually bad news for 3G iPhone buyers, because it means that AT&T is now charging an extra $20 dollars for unlimited SMS when they offered 200 free SMS with iPhone 1.0. Sometimes parity isn’t so wonderful.

(Original image by Alex Eben Meyer via Slate)

Click here to see AT&T’s low and high end iPhone/BlackBerry data rates

Rogers iPhone vs. BlackBerry Comparison: Data/Voice Rates


A 3G iPhone fights a BlackBerry for smartphone dominance

With the recent release of Roger’s new BlackBerry data rates and the unveiling of their iPhone voice and data rates on Friday, we thought now would be a good time to offer a head-to-head comparison of both plans. Unfortunately, while Rogers has updated their data-only plans, they have yet to update their integrated voice and data plan, leaving us to compare the iPhone plan with its approximate BlackBerry counterparts. Still, the results are surprising and might impact your next smartphone purchase.

(Original image Alex Eben Meyer via Slate)

Click here to see the Rogers data and voice rate comparison

FCC slows down U.S. voice roaming charges, data still at large


The FCC has passed a ruling that will force all American carriers to make their networks available to compatible handsets for a “reasonable” fee, which will hopefully translate to lower roaming rates. A hard cap hasn’t been imposed, but the big thing here is that open roaming access has been established. Rural citizens are pretty happy now that the smaller carriers they subscribe to will finally be able to offer wider access. Unfortunately, no such resolutions have been applied to data charges.

“I believe we should have taken another step forward today,” said Commissioner Michael Copps, a Democrat. “Consumers rely upon their mobile handsets these days for a dizzying array of data services, going well beyond those we cover in today’s item.”