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Recover Lost Data With Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Data Recovery Software for Android



We have all lost important data at some point or another. With Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Data Recovery software for Android, you can recovery deleted messages, contacts, photos and more from the SD Card on your Android device. Now, when you have lost important family pictures because they were accidentally deleted, use this software to recover those files from the SD Card, and save them to a backup source so you never have the problem again. Also, with constant advancements being made in making the Android OS more compatible with BlackBerry 10, it’s highly possible this software will make its way to BlackBerry.

More information available at the Wondershare site.

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Free Data Security and Tracking App Available in App World


data security and tracking app

There’s a free (for 1 year) data security and tracking app in App World right now that allows you to lock the device remotely and retrieve your personal contacts. These applications are fairly popular for BlackBerry and RIM has taken it upon themselves to develop their own internal data security and tracking app called BlackBerry Protect (available in Beta Zone). With BlackBerry Protect soon to be available in App World for free, it’s not clear how these apps will compete. Until then, this may be a good option.

Check out the free data security and tracking app, Superhero Solo in App World.

Also, feel free to check out SmrtGuard’s free data security app as well.

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Protect compromised BlackBerry devices with Computrace


Paris Hilton BlackBerry

Celebrities are always losing their devices. From Paris Hilton losing her BlackBerry, to Kevin Bacon getting his stolen. These celebs have information that is valuable to gossip rags and incredibly private.

Absolute Software, can prevent situations like Paris Hilton’s from escalating into data and identity theft with its product Computrace Mobile. Computrace Mobile can not only help retrieve BlackBerry devices, it can also remote data delete the device ensuring your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Features of Computrace include:

  • Track and recover lost or stolen devices.
  • Detect unauthorized software such as file sharing applications.
  • Monitor changes to hardware and location (IP address, GPS).
  • Remotely delete data and see which files have been accessed.

For more information, see Absolute Software’s Computrace site.


GSX and Double-Take Software Announce Partnership to Extend Email Systems Monitoring and Recovery Solutions


Press Release

Partnership Leverages Expertise in Monitoring and Protecting Email Communication Platforms for Businesses of All Sizes

GSX Groupware Solutions and Double-Take Software today announced a partnership to work together on solutions to provide protection to businesses for email monitoring and recovery. GSX Groupware Solutions is the only company offering global email management and monitoring software for all major communication platforms at the same time (including BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, and Sametime), and Double-Take Software is a leader in offering failover and recovery solutions. CIOs and IT directors who manage the support for communications servers can rely on both companies to meet email monitoring management and recovery needs. The partnership will combine best-in-class monitoring from GSX with the expertise of Double-Take Software products to replicate, failover and recover communications data. The joint solutions will help ensure maximum uptime for companies of all sizes.

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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Double-Take Software


Double-Take Software logoDouble-Take, much like Neverfail, specializes in disaster recovery. Their software automatically backs up emails and other important data to a secondary server, so when an outage occurs, the backup server is fired and normal business continues, often within minutes or even seconds of the service interruption. They only recently announced BES support in addition to their support for Lotus Notes, Exchange, and so on, so hopefully we’ll get to see some demos of the software in action at WES.


WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Neverfail


Neverfail logoNeverfail specializes in disaster recovery and prevention in IT areas. They offer broad support for BES, monitoring apps, network infrastructure, and the physical servers. Their software detects any outages within the system and implements an automatic failover to restore service within 90 seconds. It even integrates with other software — such as Conceivium’s MobileMonitor — to provide better support. Hopefully we’ll get to see some cool demos at WES.