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RIM Says It’s Unable to Accommodate Government Requests for Data Access


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The ban on BlackBerry in the UAE has been a hot topic lately and RIM has a few statements on the topic that are interesting. RIM hasn’t directly discussed the ban in the UAE due to the confidential nature of talks with governments, but reiterated some key points about the platform that indirectly address the issue.

RIM has come out saying the BlackBerry network was set up so that “no one, including RIM, could access” customer data, which is encrypted from the time it leaves the device. It added RIM would “simply be unable to accommodate any request” for a key to decrypt the data, since the company doesn’t have the key.

The BlackBerry network is designed “to exclude the capability for RIM or any third party to read encrypted information under any circumstances,” RIM’s statement said.

The location of BlackBerry’s servers doesn’t matter, the company said, because the data on them can’t be deciphered without a decryption key.

“RIM assures customers that it will not compromise the integrity and security of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution,” the statement said.

So it looks like RIM will not budge on compromising their security and any government looking to get access is simply out of luck.

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AT&T Announces Two Tiered Data Plans for Smartphone Users


AT&T has announced two new pricing plans for smartphone customers based on wireless data usage. The new plans include $15/month for 200MB and $25/month for 2GB. Previously, AT&T BlackBerry users would pay $30 for unlimited* data and this new plan segments users based on how much data they use and offers a sensible rate.

According to Consumer Reports, BlackBerry users consume about 54MB of data per month on average. This average is probably skewed by the users who don’t use any data at all and the small group of users who consume incredible amounts of data. Overall, it’s probably best that AT&T sets these new prices at 200MB and 2GB, but the power user may tend to go over the limit.

How much data do you use in a month?

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Mike Lazaridis on Data Compression, Video and the Competition


Reuters put out more details about the TD Newcrest technology conference where Mike Lazaridis spoke about the smartphone industry and where he believes it’s heading. One of the major topics of discussion was regarding data compression, and the fact that smartphones are increasingly being used to consume rich media.

Devices such as the iPhone and DROID are great for browsing the web and watching video, but these smartphones use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones, and I’ve heard about 3-8 times what a BlackBerry uses.
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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launch Rumored in May 2010


There is a rumor that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which we originally thought was going to be the Tour2 9650, will launch in May of this year. There is a lot of speculation about why RIM chose to go with the Bold 9650 versus the Tour brand, and most likely it’s because owners of the Tour 9630 would harbor some resentment that an update to their device came out so soon after they purchased their BlackBerry. To mitigate this possible PR disaster, RIM marketing have decided to go with the Bold label. It’s sort of funny how easy the general public can be misled with a simple marketing twist. Speaking of Tour devices, it also looks like a Verizon OS 5 upgrade will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks and will include PTT for an extra $5 per month.

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Rogers Now Offering Better Roaming Rates for Canadians in US


Rogers have launched a new One Rate Roaming plan which is going to be really beneficial for anyone who travels to the US. For an extra $10 more per month than most Rogers regular domestic data plan rates, customers can now sign up for One Rate plans which allows them to use data in the U.S. as they would at home, and have it deducted from the same data bucket.
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Troubleshooting Your BlackBerry Data Connection



BlackBerry outages are a real frustration but sometimes there isn’t an outage and your data connection may be malfunctioning. With the help of the good folks at Made Simple Learning, I’ve put together some tips to help resolve your BlackBerry data connection. Use this guide when you aren’t able to use data and you haven’t seen any outage posts in the blogs.
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