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Mimecast Provide Cloud-Based Service to Prevent RIM Outages


Mimecast has announced the availability of a cloud-based service that emulates the information on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and ensures employees can access information on their BlackBerry, even if RIM is experiencing an outage. This is the first cloud service to protect against BES failures, and it challenges RIM’s message that BES is totally reliable. Mimecast Continuity Services are aimed at delivering email, and taking away the need for standby servers.

We know that RIM has experienced outages in the past, but overall the service is very reliable. It will be interesting to see what organizations are reaching out to this service, as these users need a level of service that RIM isn’t providing.

Read Mimecast’s press release for more information.

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T-Mobile Spokesperson Responds to WiFi BlackBerry Data Outage


T-Mobile have issued an explanation for the BlackBerry data outage that affected users on Monday and Tuesday, saying it related only to WiFi and not T-Mobile’s network. This is contradictory to what many users reported, but all inquiries on the subject were deflected from T-Mobile to RIM, who have not commented on the outage.

In an email to PC World, a T-Mobile spokesperson said the outage affected all North American carriers, and that RIM’s technical support team managed to troubleshoot the problem.
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Is your BlackBerry service down? Causes of service outages



Yesterday, customers all over North America were experiencing problems getting BIS email.

There are a number of reasons why your BlackBerry BIS email me not be working. For example, it’s possible that the NOC has gone down. The NOC is the Network Operations Center, and it is where messages go when they leave your device before being passed to the carrier. If the NOC goes down, your email will stop sending and you have to wait for RIM to fix the issue.

You may also stop receiving email if the carrier’s BIS server farm is having issues. This could be for any number of reasons. Other reasons include server hardware failure at RIM’s end, or a software bug.

Due to the complex nature of the architecture it’s impossible to speculate without some kind of hint from RIM. Sites such as Dataoutages, are great for providing updates and they had the following on yesterday’s issue:

Reported by: Multiple sources across Canada and USA.
Trouble Ticket Number: TT000011677021
Severity: 2-Medium
Description of Issue: Degradation of RIM BlackBerry BIS service.
Location of Issue: All Regions ;All Markets and surrounding areas
Start Time: Sep 09 2009 12:06 PM PDT
Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM BlackBerry BIS customers may experience delays in sending/receiving email.
Estimated time of repair: Unknown
Technicians are working towards resolution as quickly as possible.

What’s going on RIM?