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DataSmart Technology is Great for Carriers But is it Good for Consumers?



RIM has been touting the fact that BlackBerrys are efficient with data for years and it looks like they’ve finally given it a name: DataSmart Technology. The fact that BlackBerrys compress your data, means that for a fixed data plan, you can get more bang for your buck. According to a new study by Rysavy Research, a BlackBerry will get you 2x more web browsing, 4x more email and 2x more social networking.

But there are drawbacks to RIM’s obsession with data compression as well. The Facebook app is extremely limited in what it can do and is nearly useless. Granted, many of its problems are not RIM’s fault, and many of its limitations can be blamed on Facebook, but it seems data usage is sometimes a greater priority than user experience. Also, it has taken RIM ages to come up with a decent VoIP solution over 3G. Only Verizon provides its BlackBerry users VoIP and many 3rd party solutions aren’t true VoIP. Only recently RIM came out with a YouTube app for BlackBerry, and it’s also very limited. Sometimes this obsessions with DataSmart Technology and their relationship with the carrier seems more important than RIM’s relationship with the end user.

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