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Google’s Andy Rubin Admits RIM is on the Right Track with Acquisitions


Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, was on Dive Into Mobile talking about Android as well as the competition. During the interview, Walt Mossberg began explaining how RIM has done a great job of building an “iconic” product but goes on to say that they’re fading in light of the competition, mostly due to the fact that they’re working with a legacy product.

Rubin’s response to Mossberg was to point out the similarities in the story of the RAZR. The Motorola RAZR was an iconic product but it eventually faded away. Motorola’s response was to switch to Android, but Rubin isn’t suggesting that’s the solution for RIM. The solution is to go through design cycles because a legacy product doesn’t allow you to keep up with the fast pace of the competition. Rubin then points to the acquisitions RIM has made with QNX, TAT and DataViz, and says they’re doing all the right things to fill in the pieces and keep up with the hyper competitive market.

Good form, Rubin. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Stay tuned for Mike Lazaridis at Dive Into Mobile.

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A Few Reasons Why RIM Purchased DataViz and Documents To Go


rim dataviz acquisition

RIM’s recent acquisition of DataViz, the makers of Documents to Go, has been confirmed with an official statement to cnet. The statement reads:

“RIM has acquired some of the assets of DataViz and hired the majority of its employees to focus on supporting the BlackBerry platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the transaction was not material to RIM in the context of RIM’s financial results.”

The terms of the purchase were not disclosed because DataViz was purchased for a rumored $50 million cash. There could be a few explanations based on market factors and what we’ve been seeing in the rumor mill that would lead to RIM acquiring DataViz. They are as follows:
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Microsoft Office Document Editing Software for BlackBerry Reviewed


Since the release of the BlackBerry Presenter and the announcement of the iPad I’ve been thinking more about mobile word processing. Until now I was satisfied just using the notepad and email functions to export the note-taking I do on my BlackBerry, onto my desktop. When iPad’s iWork word processing got debuted, I started thinking about how great it would be to get advanced word-processing features on my text-nimble BlackBerry.

After some testing I found myself wondering why bold, italics, and basic text formatting aren’t part of the BlackBerry experience. I would love it if I could compose BBMs or emails in bold, italics, and strikethroughs.

Here are some of the solutions I tried. Both had about as much ease of purchase and registration as any game or theme, which was surprising for such valuable mobile utilities.
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Documents To Go gets upgraded


documents to go for BlackBerry

DataViz has released an update to their popular Documents To Go line of applications. Version 1.005 is available for both the standard (read: free) and premium (read: paid) editions of Documents To Go. Here’s a rundown of some new features in version 1.005:

    * Excel 2007 Support
    * Track Changes (view only)
    * Password Protection for Word and Excel (97-2004) [Premium only]
    * Inserting comments for Word and Excel [Premium only]

If you are a pre-existing Documents To Go user (or had the applications pre-installed on your OS 4.5 or higher BlackBerry), you can upgrade for free by selecting “Check for Updates” in the Menu while running Documents To Go.

After updating, OS 4.5 users will now find they have Sheets To Go, which had previously only come pre-loaded on OS 4.6 devices. DataViz is also currently running a promotion that will get you a free copy of PDF To Go if you upgrade from standard to premium.

For more information about the Documents To Go suite, go here.


Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)



This week we had the chance to talk with Cortado’s Henning Volkmer and Roger Guerrero about their recently-launched Corporate Server software for small and medium companies, branching to a lot of interesting topics, like the the continuing importance of printing documents (even in the digital age), dreams of leaving every laptop behind, the particular needs of SMBs and their partnership with DataViz. Take a listen to our interview with Cortado, also available on MP3.

Excerpt and interview behind the jump!

DataViz unveils premium Documents To Go


One thing I wonder about some types of software is “what happens when RIM bundles it with the device?” This was certainly the case with Documents To Go, which will be integrating full document viewing and editing with OS 4.5. Well, DataViz just put up the features of their Premium Edition. So what does the premium version have that the standard doesn’t? For one, document creation (the standard edition only lets you edit existing docs). For two, fancy text formatting like font size changes, bullets and paragraphs are only on the premium version. It’s a pretty slick strategy there – get their basic software on every BlackBerry out there, then when users get frustrated that they can’t do what they want to do, they’re roped into the premium service. Very sly. You’ll be looking at $69.99 for the full premium version of Documents To Go.