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The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: WES 08 Day 2 (Every Laptop Left Behind)


BlackBerry Cool WES 2008 PodcastRefreshed and back in tip-top shape, BBCool Simon and I return with one of our best podcasts yet, although you can probably attribute that to our guests: Rob Woodbridge of Rove, Will Hickie of WICKSoft and Dave Peak of LiquidTalk.

Listen in as we talk about the panel that these three gentlemen are participating in (“Every Laptop Should Be Left Behind”) and what it means for the future of mobility. Also, we talk about American political folk music, and why $150 million dollars isn’t that big of a deal.

Listen to the podcast via MP3, RSS/XML, or iTunes. To learn more about the Every Laptop Left Behind movement, head here.

Or, stream the podcast after the jump.