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‘How Would You Regulate Carrier Power?’ (Weekly Contest!)


Snidely Whiplash wearing the Rogers Logo

I believe it was Mark Twain BBCool Simon who once said, “If you own the tracks and the trains, you own the passengers.” In Canada, if there was ever a modern day version of the great train barons, it would be the telecoms: 3 year contracts, expensive data plans compared to our U.S. counterparts, lizards selling phones… it’s terrible.

Yesterday Simon had a great interview with Canadian MP David McGuinty, who has introduced a bill to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees and unlock all phones. However, we want to do one better and bestow the BlackBerry Nation with the (hypothetical) power to regulate carriers any way you see fit. What will you do?

The person who posts the best comment will win a FREE YEAR-LONG 30G SUBSCRIPTION TO SUGARSYNC and a sweet BLACKBERRY COOL TEE SHIRT.

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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Get Connected Fairly Act


Parliament HillI was going to sit on this one until next week’s podcast, but it was just too good to hold out on. Member of Parliament David McGuinty is heading up a little something called Bill C-555 (a.k.a the Get Connected Fairly Act), which is aiming to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees for Canadian consumers and enterprises in the hopes of increasing adoption and overall quality of life. Best part of all? He wants all Canadian mobiles to be unlocked. A noble cause indeed, and one that BBCool is most certainly behind. If you’ve got 13 minutes, it’s always awesome to hear about the Canadian wireless landscape sucking just a little bit less. Go ahead and learn more about Bill C-555 and even sign the petition if you’re north of the border. Fight for your right to MP3, rock the iTunes vote, and viva la RSS.