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David Pogue responds to review criticism


Following up on his article responding to criticism for his review of the BlackBerry Storm, New York Times technology critic David Pogue has hit the TV circuit. I normally wouldn’t have posted this, as after Al Sacco’s rebuttal, I feel I am over Pogue’s review. However, the video is an excellent lesson for RIM. RIM knew they were releasing an OS update shortly after launch, we knew it, but David Pogue didn’t. If RIM had told him rather than keeping mum, they probably wouldn’t have received such a negative review from one of the most influential voices in the technology world. Click the link below to see Pogue’s CNBC interview.

David Pogue talks BlackBerry Storm on CNBC

Krakow calls BlackBerry Storm ‘Best BlackBerry ever made,’ Pogue calls it a ‘dud’


It was to be assumed that RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry would cause some controversy, but I doubt anyone assumed it would be this much. The divergence in opinion over the BlackBerry Storm, with some considering it a worthwhile competitor to the iPhone, and others considering worthwhile only as a doorstop, seems to be getting only stronger.

Recently, two of the most authoritative technology columnists of the mainstream media (read: tech bloggers for old people), Gary Krakow and David Pogue, have come to odds over the BlackBerry Storm. Krakow, in the video above, calls the Storm ‘the best BlackBerry ever made.’ Pogue, however, places the Storm firmly in the ‘dud’ bin, and goes on to state:

I haven’t found a soul who tried this machine who wasn’t appalled, baffled or both.

This probably goes without saying, but I don’t think the BlackBerry Storm is for everybody. We’ll see if the rumored Verizon/Vodafone OS update this week will do anything to quell the unrest.

Pogue NYT BlackBerry Storm Review