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Deal of the Day: SixTools Adds More Features to Your BlackBerry



SixTools is a cool app by ShaoSoft that adds some extra features to your BlackBerry. The app is currently the deal of the day and is priced at 50% off. For the current price of $1.99, SixTools adds the following features to your device:

  • Ability to assign applications to your Volume, Mute and Play keys, essentially giving you three extra convenience.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Sound effects for your Torch sliding mechanism.
  • Ability to toggle the intro video that goes on forever after an OS update.
  • Toggle the message prompt for connecting your BlackBerry via USB.

Check out the deal of the day at this link.

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Xobni Pro Available For $0.99 As the Deal of the Day


We’ve written about Xobni quite a bit lately because they’re reporting great download numbers. The most recent news is that Xobni’s Pro version, is now the Deal-of-the-Day, and its available for $0.99. This is a great deal and if you’ve seen the special price in App World, you know that it’s about 50% cheaper. The fact that we can get Xobni so cheap is one of the benefits of an open app ecosystem, and one of the reasons why it’s great to develop for BlackBerry.

Check out Xobni Pro for $0.99 at this link.

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Zombie Attack! by IUGO is the Deal of the Day (50% Off)


zombie attack

Zombie Attack! is an incredibly addictive game that originated on iPhone and has been ported to BlackBerry. ZA! is a tower defense game that pits you up against wave after wave of zombies, and forces you to strategically place your weapons to properly defend home base. Features of the game include:

  • Different zombie types to slay
  • 4 weapon types for a variety of zombie killing techniques
  • Survivor machete: hack and slash the undead when needed
  • Stylized 3D graphics
  • Local leaderboards
  • Intuitive controls, elegant UI
  • Pick up and play for 2 minutes or 2 hours

Check out Zombie Attack! which is today’s Deal of the Day and 50% off.

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Shopper’s Paradise Game Now the Deal-of-the-Day


shopper's paradise

Shopper’s Paradise is a cool game that’s a combination of a resource management and tower defense game. The goal is to build a retail empire and put the competition out of business. Features include:

  • 11 upgradeable store types
  • 25 maps of various complexity
  • Up to 4 goals to achieve before the deadline
  • 3 difficulty levels

Check out Shopper’s Paradise in the store.

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Deal of the Day: WiFi Media Backup by Chocolate Chunk Apps



Chocolate Chunk Apps make an app called WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry that allows you to automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from your BlackBerry to your PC, wirelessly and in the background. The application requires two parts: a BlackBerry app, and a lightweight PC application called Media Server. For anyone with a lot of media on their device, this app helps you keep a backup without having to plug in.

WiFi Media Backup is currently the Deal of the Day and is only $4.29.

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Wrath Retro Shooter Available as Deal of the Day (50% Off)


wrath retro shooter

The fast action shooter Wrath is today’s deal of the day which makes it 50% off. The game was made specifically for the BlackBerry Storm and uses the accelerometer to guide your ship. Wrath has a lot of gameplay available and you can use the BlackBerry Media player to listen to your own tunes while you play. This game features:

  • 6 Different enemy drones.
  • 3 Boss fights.
  • 7 Power-ups.
  • Ship control uses accelerometer or touch screen.
  • BlackBerry Media player playlists for sound track.
  • High score.
  • Submit high score to internet.
  • Music & sound effects at the same time.
  • Save and resume between shut down and reboots.

Check out Wrath in the store and take advantage of this great deal.

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