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Deal of the Day Reminder: Add to Contact 50% Off


The Deal of the Day is still going strong in the BlackBerryCool Store so be sure to check back each day to see what’s on sale for 50% off. Today’s deal is Add to Contact 2, a great app that lets you easily add contact information to your Address Book for a contact you already have an entry for. This sort of situation happens all the time and Add to Contact simplifies the process.

Today Add to Contact is on sale for $1.48. Keep checking back for the next Deal of the Day.

Deal of the Day: Tether On Sale for 50% Off


Tether is today’s Deal of the Day in the BlackBerryCool Store. Personally, I think the tethering process is still complicated for the average BlackBerry user and this software really helps, but if you’re somewhat computer savvy you can do it yourself without paying. If you’re looking for a simple tether solution, it’s now $24.98, 50% off.

Deal of the Day Reminder: BuzzMe Pro is 50% off



BuzzMe Pro lets you control how your phone rings and vibrates, letting you customize the LED color and more for SMS, email and phone calls. Use BuzzMe Pro to customize LED lights so you know the priority level of an incoming message immediately. For Storm owners, this app has Facedown Mode, which turns your phone on silent automatically; a great feature for meetings.

BuzzMe Pro is currently our Deal of the Day and it’s 50% off at $1.50 (regularly $2.99).

Deal of the Day Reminder: Wrath retro space shooter for the Storm



Wrath is a retro space shooter for the BlackBerry Storm. Using the accelerometer or touchscreen, you control your ship as it picks up power-ups and blasts space aliens. If things look like they’re getting messy, click the screen to super-nuke everything.

One of the coolest features in this game is the ability to listen to your own music while you play. Just make a playlist in the BlackBerry Media player, and Wrath will use it for the in-game music.

Wrath, the retro space shooter for the BlackBerry Storm, is on sale for $2.49 (regular price $4.99).

LaterDude Pro 50% off for today only



Our buddy Fabian is selling LaterDude Pro for 50% off today. That means the app is yours for only $1.48 (regularly $2.95).

LaterDude Pro is a simple app that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone. The app creates a new event in the calendar, so you definitely won’t forget.

Stay tuned because Fabian has some great stuff coming for all you Storm2 users. From his Twitter account: “Workin on the new BlackBerry Storm2 app – lots and lots of testing.”

Deal of the Day: ProfilerPro lets you fully customize your sound profiles



ProfilerPro is an app that lets you completely customize the sound profiles on your BlackBerry. You can schedule profiles each day to change from one profile to another, as well set different wallpapers and ringtones based on the day. ProfilerPro also integrates with the BlackBerry Calendar application. You can schedule a profile switch by creating a new appointment and the profile will automatically switch when the appointment starts and ends.

ProfilerPro is available today for $3.50 (regularly $6.99).