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DecalGirl skins the BlackBerry 8800 series


8800decalOur buddies at DecalGirl released skins for the 8800 series last Friday, and they’re looking great. Even for a businessy BlackBerry, it’s nice to get a little bit of extra style to set you apart from all the other suits. I’m still packing the Dante skin on my Pearl, and it’s providing a surprising amount of protection, even on the backside where it gets the most damage. Speaking of the Pearl skins, they’ve all been marked down to $5.99 a pop, including the 8130 models, so get ‘em while they’re hot. Remember, all the skins also come with a matching background you can download for extra effect.

DecalGirl gets Curvy


Screaming CurveThanks to some sweet talking to the folks at DecalGirl, we got ‘em to make a skin template for the BlackBerry Curve. Not only can you nab some of their new artwork, they do custom jobs that let you grab art from any of their other products. For example, I’m getting Plated done for the back of my widescreen laptop – there’s a ton of possibilities for personalizing your hardware, whatever you have. Remember, your Curve skin comes along with a matching background, so screen and casing can join hands in trippy optical illusion.