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Free Travel App TripIt Tops a Million Users


Concur’s travel app TripIt helps travellers by providing a suite utilities that help them get live information about their flight’s status. The software provides notifications on any delay your flight may have as well as can offer easy navigation of alternate flights.
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AT&T BlackBerry Bold delayed until mid-August?


AT&T BoldPart of me is sad for our southerly neighbours who apparently won’t get the BlackBerry Bold until mid-August or later, part of me is smug that everything looks like a go for the Rogers release. Supposedly there have been some approval issues between RIM and AT&T over the BlackBerry 9000’s battery which are slowing down the rollout. To be fair, this is why firm dates aren’t nailed down at launch, but it must be a bit disheartening seeing Canadians get this fine device first. Who’s disappointed? If you were already sold on the Bold, surely you could wait another couple of weeks, eh?

Palm leaves the airports, BlackBerry moves in


Palm’s logo. Impress it upon your memory ere it fades.Palm recently announced that they would be closing all their retails stores. While there was some initial confusion, it was eventually determined that only the seven stores located in malls would be closed. The remaining 26 airport stores are owned and operated by Airport Wireless which, until this closure, had a tight partnership with Palm. The stores will remain open, but the company is broadening their reach by adding new devices and accessories including, of course, the BlackBerry. While the company is in talks with Palm to continue having their devices in the stores, at the moment the decision is up in the air. RIM’s been starting to get more involved in the retail side of things, so this is the perfect opportunity to edge into Palm’s spot, especially considering Palm’s OS delay and 43% profit drop last year, and not to mention the whole Foleo debacle.


Palm delays OS II, the inevitable


PalmPalm was slated to bust out a new consumer-oriented OS this year, but CEO Ed Colligan says it’s not happening until ’08. Palm’s still going to be supporting Windows Mobile, in a vain dual-pronged attempt to stave off their inevitably slow, painful death. The new Linux-based OS would have to pull some pretty massive bunnies out of some very tiny hats in order to offset the shuddering 43% drop in profits last quarter. The Gandolf and Foleo sure aren’t going to save Palm, that’s for sure.