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Dell Opens App Store and Sells Apps for Unreleased BlackBerry Pluto 9900


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Dell has opened their own app store and they’re selling apps for not only BlackBerry, but Windows Mobile, Symbian and WebOS. The storefront is powered by PocketGear, the company that acquired Mobihand’s competition Handango. Generally, the apps are priced a little higher than Mobihand and there isn’t nearly as much content. Dell has their own smartphone, the Streak, and it makes sense for them to have their own app storefront as every other manufacturer seems to be doing these days.

While it’s surely just a mistake on the part of PocketGear who put the content management system together, the Dell App Store is selling apps for the BlackBerry Pluto 9900. Now if only they were selling the actual device…

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BlackBerry is an essential device for any telecommuter


I like to read the Sales by 5 blog every now and then because power user Nan Palmero works at the company and it’s good inspirational reading. A recent post on their blog is talking about “Using Great Technology” which of course involves a BlackBerry.

About two months ago, some things in my life changed, and I decided to move away from San Antonio. Rather than fearing for my job, I went straight to Erik and told him about my situation. We chose to put our state of the art technology to the test! With the use of our BlackBerry devices, Dell laptops equipped with shared calendars and contacts by Microsoft Outlook, google talk, a Sprint Air Card during the move, and Foonz conference call service, I have managed to stay an important part of the team. What we do and how well we do it have not changed. Among other responsibilities, Erik and Nan rely on me for all of their scheduling from nearly 1,000 miles away. Great technology is one thing that our team could not afford to sacrifice. This is the future of the work environment. Are you investing in great technology? And if so, are you using it to better your team?



Blast from the past: Broadcasting association sought ban on wireless data


Back to the Future Back in 1991, the National Association of Broadcasters attempted to lobby the FCC against pay-to-use news services over cellular networks, which would have been bad news for BlackBerry if it had gone through.

The NAB said that the cellular operators are misusing their spectrum. “Cellular spectrum should be reserved for the two-way communication for which it is designed,” said the NAB. “One-way transmission of news, sports, weather and traffic would be a misuse of this spectrum and a needless duplication of broadcast services.”

Yep, the NAB didn’t want any data services sent over cell networks, which would include that handy push e-mail we all know and love today. Too bad for them that one didn’t pan out, eh? Think they would have smartened up over the last decade? Guess again. They’re still combating the use of wireless white space by Google, Dell Microsoft and others for data services for fear of its interference with existing broadcasting in the spectrum – essentially the same premise as back in ’91. Good luck with that one, guys.

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(BNET via Saschameinrath)