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How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS Software 2010 Version



Since Simon first published How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS, there have been a ton of updates and questions from BlackBerry Cool readers, so I thought it would be good to republish with new tips and put everything on a single page.
Get started with your BlackBerry software upgrade behind the jump!

BlackBerry Desktop Manager comes with tethering feature



The German ninja at benezblog has leaked the upcoming BlackBerry Desktop Manager which is rumored to be bundled with the BlackBerry Bold 9700 aka the BlackBerry Onyx.

Desktop Manager comes with a new feature that allows you to easily set up your BlackBerry as a modem so you can tether it to your laptop. It seems to be working but some users are having issues connecting. This is leaked software so all the kinks haven’t been worked out. If you’re unable to connect, you may still have to use an existing tethering solution such as TetherBerry.

Included with the rumor is a leaked copy of Desktop Manager, which includes the modem feature.

Try it out for yourself. Are you able to tether your laptop and your BlackBerry?

Download Desktop Manager (English, sans Media Manager)
Download Desktop Manager (Multilanguage with Media Manager): RapidShare Part 1 & RapidShare Part 2



BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac details and impressions


mac desktop summary

The official word is that BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac will be coming in September. Don’t worry about downloading the software on that day because you will automatically get notified that an update is available and get a download link, if you’ve already downloaded RIM’s current Mac solution.

One of the great things about Desktop Manager for Mac is that it is an application built for Mac users. The software has a clean user interface and a simple navigation system. Sync’ing individual files is only one click away, whereas it is a few navigation clicks away in the PC version.

The software comes with integrated Media Sync for iTunes, and sync support for multiple iCal calendars and Entourage. You can also sync multiple devices at once.

Another great feature, especially for Storm users, is that it will automatically notify you of official carrier OS updates.

Again, the software is coming in September but we’ll have our full review for you before launch.


Preview the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac


mac desktop summary

Inside BlackBerry has a great post up today about the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac. This is something Mac users everywhere have been dying to get their hands on and RIM is finally delivering.

Key features that will be released with the first build include:

  • Sync your iTunes® playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Add/Remove applications
  • Update your device when new software becomes available
  • Backup and restore your device data with such features like automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption (security is #1 as always…)
  • Manage multiple devices
  • It will support Mac® OS 10.5.5 and above.

Make sure to get notified of the release at BlackBerry.com/Mac. We’ll let you know as soon as a release date is set.
Screenshots are available after the jump

How to Backup and Restore Chosen Items While on BES


You’ve spent time building up your Autotext entries to make it really easy to fire off a “thank you” or “you’re welcome.” You’ve invested time in building up your Password Keeper with entries for the Jonas Brothers Fan Club and you’ve got 50+ friends on your BlackBerry Messenger.  Life is good, especially because you’re on a BES and your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes are being synced back to the server. Now, a new OS pops up and you want to update. You get IT’s blessing to do this, but then you remember those parts of your BlackBerry that are going to be wiped out. When you plug your phone into your computer, fire up Desktop Manager and try to back up certain parts of your device, you get this:

Nan’s Backup and Restore on BES

BlackBerry Desktop Manager leaked


BlackBerry Desktop Manager

The upcoming version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been leaked on rapidshare. Desktop Manager is a fairly large file at over 300MB, and it has been split into 3 parts.

Download part 1 of BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Download part 2 of BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Download part 3 of BlackBerry Desktop Manager



UPDATE: Sorry folks, the file has been removed. You have to catch these things immediately.