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BlackBerry Storm desktop remote control Beta registration


Ignition for BlackBerry Storm

The ability to access and control a computer from a BlackBerry Storm is coming soon from LogMeIn. LogMeIn Ignition for the BlackBerry Storm will allow users to access their Internet-connected Windows- and Mac-based computers from virtually anywhere.

Key features planned for LogMeIn Ignition include:

Remote control
Users can access files and programs on any remote Internet-connected computer.

Saved passwords
Remember multiple passwords or access codes without compromising security.

“My Computers” List
See all of the available connected computers in your LogMeIn account, as well as their online/offline status.

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How to set up your BlackBerry as a drive on your PC (ASK JOE)


“My Blackberry won’t show up on my PC Explorer as a drive.”

Chances are that this option is just disabled. You can check by going to Options then Memory. Make sure that Mass Storage Mode Support is set to “On” and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is set to Prompt or Yes. If for some reason these options are enabled then we may need to have a follow up question and answer. Let us know if this works for you in the comments.

Thanks for the question Steve B.


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Upgrading your BlackBerry OS from your phone (ASK JOE)


BlackBerry OS

“I own the 8310 model BlackBerry… I received an email about upgrading my system from 4.2 to 4.5… Is there a way I can do that from my phone itself?”

The simple answer is, Hopefully in the future! Within the newer OS’s (4.5 and above) there is a wireless update item under Options, but this particular feature has yet to be enabled by any carrier. RIM has implemented the ability but it hasn’t been taken advantage of yet. The only option available right now is to update using you cable and supported OS download. But good things are in store for the future option of updating your Blackberry wirelessly.

Thanks for the question Cast TROY.


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BlackBerry Desktop Software contains critical security flaw


RIM has posted a Knowledge Base article describing a critical security flaw within the BlackBerry Desktop Software. The flaw has been confirmed by Secunia, a leading vulnerability intelligence provider. Here’s the problem as described by RIM:

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager includes the Roxio Media Manager for managing media synchronization between the BlackBerry smartphone and the Microsoft Windows computer. The Roxio Media Manager includes a Microsoft ActiveX control used for retrieving and installing application updates. A buffer overflow exists in the DWUpdateService ActiveX control that could potentially be exploited when a user visits a malicious web page that invokes this control.

For instructions on how to determine whether your system has been affected and patch the flaw, follow the link below.

Updating an ActiveX control that the Roxio Media Manager uses (KB16469)

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Desktop Manager 4.7 now available (BlackBerry Bytes)


We told you all the way back in July that you wouldn’t see the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 until the BlackBerry Storm was ready to be released, but with a UK launch last Friday and the same happening in the US this Friday, that time is now. We don’t yet know what new features or upgrades away DM 4.7, but we’re downloading now and will post if we find anything of note. If you can’t wait, hit the link below to give it a try yourself.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7


How to crop, resize and set wallpapers on your BlackBerry


BlackBerry Cool shirt

At the request of Mike, I’ve cooked up a few BlackBerry Cool wallpapers based off our very excellent BBCool t-shirt. We’ve got wallpapers for your Pearl, Curve, 8800-series, Bold, and even Kickstart, Javelin or 9500 if you happen to be packing one. Never changed your BlackBerry’s wallpaper? No problem – we’ll walk you through the steps to give your home screen a nice new look.

If you especially dig BBCool, we’ve also got a few desktop wallpapers to chose from. Want another size? Leave a comment!

BlackBerry Cool wallpapers and instructions behind the jump!