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Comparing the BlackBerry, Android and iOS 2011 Developer Conferences


Oracle OpenWorld
It’s interesting to note that while these conferences are selling out and creating scarcity, companies like Oracle is opening its conference to well over 40,000 attendees.

This is an interesting year for Developer Conferences. Everyone is fast converting to smartphones, all the major manufacturers are expanding their portfolio of form factors to new screen types and sizes (eg tablets), and there’s some convergence going on where you can not only build once and deploy on multiple platforms, but RIM has even announced support for Android apps on the QNX OS. The industry is moving at a fast pace and there’s no shortage of people interested in the respective Developer Conferences. So how do they compare?
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Miss DevCon Asia? Check Out the Roundup Videos


DEVCON Asia 2011 – Developer Round Up

DevCon Asia looks like it was a blast. As RIM expands into various regions around the world, getting developers together to get passionate about the platform is really going to help the platform grow in terms of apps, but it will also help grow a lot of localized content that wouldn’t otherwise exist. At DevCon Asia, the main areas of discussion were centered around the PlayBook, BlackBerry OS 6.1 and the BBM platform which has been an incredible hit in Asia Pac as we’ve seen from the videos RIM has made recently.
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Foursquare’s Lead Developer Pete Nofelt Talks DEVCON and More


YouTube Link

Pete Nofelt, the lead developer of the foursquare app for BlackBerry, was on the BlackBerry Developer Blog talking about the DEVON Challenge, his session, and the future of foursquare. It’s not obvious what the best part of the interview was: the cute girls with hoola-hoops and skin-tight yoga outfits or Pete talking about how they recently implemented Push Notifications. Either way, Pete has a cute haircut.

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Show Me the Images by BBerryGo Updated and 50% Off


BlackBerry developer BBerryGo has just updated their email images convenience app to support BlackBerry 6. Show Me the Images displays all email images without having to enable them one-by-one as you read them.

BBerryGo is also having a software sale over the week of DevCon2010, choose from Mancala: the classic board game of counting and strategy, Photo Quest: an observation game of spotting the differences, or Show Me the Images. Enter the code BBGODEVCON at checkout to get 50% off all BBerryGo software.

Offer ends Thursday September 30th 2010.

Check out BBerryGo apps in the store.

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