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DisasterAlert Warns of Pending Doom by Twitter, GPS and More



I recently discovered a cool app called Disaster Alert that won the BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2009 in Hong Kong. The app connects you to the most recent information about earthquakes, floods, tropical storms, volcano eruptions and other disasters. The information is presented in a very visual manner and based on your GPS position can tell you how close or far a disaster may be.

Features of the app include:

  • Always up-to-date.
  • Lists disasters and catastrophes.
  • Earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, typhoons and cyclones.
  • Shows disasters on a map.

The app has a wide variety of ways to alert you of a pending disaster. You can be alerted by text, distance, Twitter, SMS, email, etc. I personally think this app could be free if they got some money from Government or NGOs, but until then it’s $2.99 per month.

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Four more BlackBerry Developer Challenge finalists announced


The BlackBerry Partners Fund has revealed the next four finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge. The finalists include:

So far, a total of 12 of 16 finalists have been chosen based on the following criteria: compelling product or service; clearly defined value proposition and technical execution. Four additional finalists will be selected and announced at the end of September.

Each Finalist receives a prize package that is valued at more than US$5,000, and includes one week on the BlackBerry App World Featured Application Carousel; one BlackBerry Developers Conference pass; one BlackBerry smartphone; and, guaranteed participation in the BlackBerry Sweet 16 Demo Event at the 2009 BlackBerry Developers Conference. Finalists will compete for a grand prize package valued at over US$100,000; and a runner up prize package worth more than US$25,000.

Who would you nominate given the above criteria?


BlackBerry Partners Fund announce more finalists in Developer Challenge


The BlackBerry Partners Fund have announced the next four finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge.

The next four finalists are:

  • David by Turner Technologies
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates by Concrete Software Inc
  • CBS News by Handmark
  • Market Simplified by Market Simplified Inc.

This brings the total finalists to 8. The previous four finalists were:

  • Fierce Towers by Nickel Buddy
  • Astraware Solitare by Handmark
  • Expense Manager by Total Wireless Solutions
  • Vision for YouTube by Metova

So far, of the 8 finalists, 3 are games. This is interesting considering games make up a small percentage of total BlackBerry content sales. Finalists were selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: compelling product or service; clearly defined value proposition, and; technical execution. Personally, I would like to see more utilities in the finalists. These apps are constantly improving the functionality of the device and need more recognition.

My next four choices are:

  • gwabbit
  • vPost (their latest version includes screenshot functionality and a scribble feature)
  • LaterDude Pro
  • Poynt (with their new features, are they eligible to reapply?)

Who would you nominate for the Developer Challenge?