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The BlackBerry Partners Fund Announces Regional Finalists


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced the 12 Regional Finalists in this year’s BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge, where participants have been competing for a total prize package valued at over US$1.5 million. Here is how the finalists broke down in terms of region.

North American Finalists:

    Dictionary and Thesaurus – Dictionary.com

Latin America Finalists:

    Navita Sports
    Vlingo Plus – Voice App
    Waze (LATAM)

Europe / Middle East / Africa Finalists

    CamCard(Business Card Reader)
    n-tv mobil
    UbiNav EU

Asia Pacific Finalists:

    Forum for BlackBerry
    Love Indonesia
    Ramadhan Pocket Guide

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What BlackBerry OS 6 Means for Developers and Super Apps


We have seen a lot of BlackBerry 6 in action and it looks like a lot of visual improvements for the end user. But what about developers? Will OS 6 bring anything new to help them create rich and compelling apps? The answer is “yes”. OS 6 comes with some awesome new APIs for developers to leverage to make great apps for BlackBerry. Lets take a look at what OS 6 will allow you to do.


The graphics in OS 6 are going to be a leap beyond OS 5. There are animation APIs in OS 6 that allow you to animate nearly everything and it’s all optimized natively. OS 6 comes with OpenGL ES 1.1 3D graphics for all devices with supporting hardware (CDMA). OpenGL ES 1.1 builds on the existing 1.0 support and allows for multitextures, automatic mipmap generation, improved rending and more. OS 6 will also come with OpenVG 1.1, which is the 2D equivalent of OpenGL.
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DeviceAnywhere Teams Up With Partners Fund for 2010 Developer Challenge


DeviceAnywhere are working with the Partners Fund for this year’s Developer Challenge. This year’s competition is focused on Super Apps, and it will be interesting to see what people come up with.

For the competition, DeviceAnywhere is offering a direct link to their Test Center solution, which provides remote access to networked devices located across the globe. DeviceAnywhere is also supporting this challenge with Proof Center to provide a proof-based self-certification solution that gives application developers remote access to DeviceAnywhere’s banks of real networked devices. With Proof Center, users can compile evidence that their application works successfully using handset screenshots and video, which are automatically saved and organized into proofs that can later be viewed or searched for by application and handset. For the purposes of this competition, Proof Center serves as the testing platform for a more in-depth submission process that developers will use to submit a higher-quality version of their application, before they proceed to the final phase in which winners will be selected. For the finalists, DeviceAnywhere will create free interactive tutorials using DemoAnywhere, a solution that allows developers to demonstrate the application’s key features and functionality to consumers.

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BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2009 first 4 finalists announced


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund have announced the first four Finalists in the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Challenge. The four Finalists are Fierce Towers (by Nickel Buddy), Astraware Solitare (by Handmark), Expense Manager (by Total Wireless Solutions), and Vision for YouTube (by Metova). Finalists were selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: compelling product or service; clearly defined value proposition; viable business model; and technical execution.

Each Finalist will receive a prize package that includes one week on the BlackBerry App World Featured Application Carousel; one BlackBerry Developers Conference pass; one BlackBerry smartphone; and, guaranteed participation in the BlackBerry Sweet 16 Demo Event at the 2009 BlackBerry Developers Conference.

Four additional Finalists will be selected and announced at the end of July, August and September respectively. Over the course of the four-month challenge, a total of 16 Finalists will qualify for the BlackBerry Sweet 16 Demo Event. Entries for the BlackBerry Developer Challenge will be accepted until September 25, 2009 at 11:59pm EDT.

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blackberry partners fund

BlackBerry Partners Fund today announced the official call for entries for the second annual BlackBerry Developers Challenge. Any new BlackBerry application(s) submitted to BlackBerry App World between June 1, 2009 and September 25, 2009 may be eligible to compete in this year’s challenge. Complete rules and regulations are available online.

A total of 16 finalists will be selected from eligible applications submitted over the contest period. The finalists will each receive a prize package valued at more than US$5,000 and be invited to compete for a grand prize package valued at over US$100,000; and a runner up prize package worth more than US$25,000. Judges will be looking for the most compelling product or service, clearly defined value proposition, and technical execution.

Four finalists will be selected and announced at the end of each month during the four-month challenge. User reviews of applications and download activity will be taken into consideration when finalists are selected. All 16 finalists must present and demo their application to a panel of judges during the “BlackBerry Sweet 16″ event, which takes place at the BlackBerry Developers Conference, November 9 – 11 in San Francisco. Winners will be announced during the conference keynote presentation on November 10th.
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