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BlackBerry Developer Conference Call for Speakers Now Open


devcon 2011

DEVCON 2011 is confirmed for San Francisco on October 18th-20th. This year, there is plenty to talk about with the upcoming QNX OS, the PlayBook and all the different ways developers can make apps for the BlackBerry Platform. The Call for Speakers submission is now open for developers to submit their ideas for great sessions at the conference.
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Adobe “On the Verge” of Delivering Flash for BlackBerry



The CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch, said that they are “on the verge of delivering Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones with all but one of the top manufacturers. This includes Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and many others across form factors including not only smartphones but also tablets, netbooks, and internet-connected TVs.” The missing manufacturer is of course Apple.
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Improving the BlackBerry App World experience



On 1st April 2009, RIM started the Application Store AppWorld, following the lead of the already extremely successful AppStore Apple brought up about a year ago.

RIM announced the fact that they will start an Application Store at the Developer Conference in Santa Clara in October 2008. Since then a lot of Developers and Consumers were waiting for the day they would launch AppWorld. Finally on the 1st April 2009 it got released – but the name ‘AppWorld’ is already quite misleading: The word ‘World’ is not true since it only launched in UK, Canada and the USA at the beginning. Rumors float around that AppWorld will finally start in some countries of Europe in July 2009.

The fact that RIM has launched AppWorld is pleasant – but it leaks some serious functions. When compared to other on-device Application Stores you find that they are much superior then AppWorld.

Here is a list of functions RIM should include in a new Version of AppWorld:

  • Add a Bestseller List (There is just a Top 25 List but that is only ordered by downloads, not by sales)
  • Separate Paid and Free apps
  • Supports more payment options next to PayPal
  • Include a ‘More-Apps-From-This-Developer’-Link in the Application
  • Add a ‘New Software’-List (The user does not know when/where he can find new apps)
  • Add a ‘Updated Software’-List
  • Plug the Memory-Leak
  • Insert a Coupon Code function for Users (Coupon Codes are very attractive sale-accelerators)
  • Make it available all over the World
  • Create a Desktop-Version of AppWorld so that Users can buy from the PC
  • Add Themes to the List
  • Cut the $2.99 minimum Price Tag
  • ‘Push’ it to all BlackBerry Devices

I know RIM can do that! Let’s hope they bring out a new version with some of these features! RIM normally does a great job with their products. Why did you not work on a perfect version of AppWorld prior launching it?

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Incredible apps for BlackBerry coming with JDE 5.0 beta


blackberry app world

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) is now in version 5.0 beta. With OS 5.0 on the way, and many new features being opened up to developers, we can expect a surge in interesting new applications. For example, with OS 5.0, I’ve heard that the video API’s will be opened up to developers, allowing apps to use the video camera. Think about all the fun applications you can use with access to video.

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment provides developers with:

  • New APIs and enhanced capabilities
  • Simplified wireless connectivity to the Internet or corporate intranets
  • Easy to customize user interfaces
  • Client-side logic
  • Support for push content
  • Local integration with email, Personal Information Management (PIM), multimedia and BlackBerry
  • Location-based services

The latest version of JDE will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify application development
  • Provide end-to-end tools and enhanced Java APIs
  • Communicate with most programming languages, protocols and data formats


How to develop and market a 3rd party BlackBerry app


BlackBerry developers conference
Image courtesy of Simon Sage

As a BlackBerry developer, I have my own ideas about what makes a great BlackBerry application. I took the time to develop a list of concepts that I believe are important in the development process.

1. The User Interface (UI)

It’s vital to choose an appealing and not too over-done and crowded user interface. For the user it is essential to know from only looking at the interface what he has to do and how he sets the options in the application. Give your fields, check boxes and radio buttons appropriate titles or subjects. Short, descriptive words are a must.

I have already seen some utility apps where the UI is awfully crowded in the main screen. You look at all the options and feel like de-installing it because you will never know what all those buttons and checkbox do. Match similar options and put them into a separate screen with an appropriate title. Think about the novice BlackBerry-user, they don’t know all those settings and what they will do when you select them.

Even though I talked about an appealing and nicely looking UI, you cannot compare the iPhone user interface of applications to the rather sober-looking interface of BlackBerry apps. The BlackBerry OS is not aimed at fancy looking UI-Applications; it keeps the business factor. Personally, I love it!
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