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Robert Scoble’s Latest Post Hints RIM Can Win Over Silicon Valley


Like him or dislike him, Scoble gets a lot of attention in the Valley and as a startup, winning his attention is a big deal. RIM is at CES 2013 and while it’s not showing off devices in a huge pavilion like previous years, it did take the time to get Scoble a BlackBerry 10 device. His latest facebook post says,”Today I saw the new Blackberry 10 that will be announced in a few weeks. I liked it a lot but it won’t get any Apple or Android fan hot and bothered.” While the statement is wrapped in pessimism, there’s something very telling about it. Consider how much it takes to change the mind of someone like Scoble who has invested so much emotionally in saying RIM is dead. His statement, while not 100% positive, is coming from someone who very recently told Alec Saunders to give up and go Android. This is a huge change.
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Reminder: BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Offer Running Until February 5th, 2013


The Dev Alpha program is a great initiative on RIM’s part that makes a lot of sense. If you’re a developer, you want to know that your app runs smoothly on the latest device so that the first build you put out is your best foot forward. Simulators help, but they don’t always provide realistic representations of how the app performs under different connectivity and usage scenarios.

The Dev Alpha C is the Dev Alpha device for the QWERTY version of the newest BlackBerry 10 devices. With the Dev Alpha C, you’ll be able to test if your apps and games run smoothly on the device, and perhaps you’ll want to tweak some of the UI/UX in order to best suit the device. Check after the jump for the details on the Dev Alpha C program.
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Tell Developers to Port to BlackBerry 10 on Twitter at PortToBlackBerry10.com


It’s pretty straight forward why developers choose to port their apps to a platform. The main reason is typically a business case. You look at your budgets, determine the porting costs, and guess at the revenue potential from porting. If costs are lower or equal to revenues, you port. There’s other reasons but typically this is the most important. As potential BlackBerry 10 users, a great way to show that there’s a market and potential revenue in porting, is to tell the developers ahead of launch with PortToBlackBerry10.com.
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Balkan BlackBerry Developer Group Organizes BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam


The Balkans BlackBerry Developer group recently helped organize a “Mini” BlackBerry 10 Jam conference, although with over 200 developers present, it wasn’t exactly mini. The event was held in Maribor, which is the second largest city in Slovenia, at the Maribor Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The event featured learning sessions and what looks like an awesome after party – all the essential features of a great developer conference. Hit the jump for more details and pics from the event.
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Sava Transmedia’s Jesse Glick On Monetizing Free To Play Games


Sava Transmedia is a Montreal game studio of about 30 employees that makes the popular Facebook and iOS game Rubber Tacos. The game is free to play and is published by Zynga, which gives them a great deal of exposure and the volume required to make free to play work. We sat down at MIGS 2012 with Sava’s Director of Monetization Design, Jesse Glick.
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BlackBerry Balance Gives Developers A Million More Customers


There’s a component of BlackBerry Balance that isn’t really being talked about but is very relevant to developers: the fact that Government and Enterprise now have access to consumer apps and games. RIM has something like a million government BlackBerrys in circulation in North America and they’re currently locked out of downloading apps and games. With BlackBerry Balance, these BlackBerrys will be first provisioned as consumer devices, with Balance creating a separate instance for Enterprise, allowing any Balance user to switch to their personal side of Balance and buy/download anything they want.
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