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Reader Asks: How Do I Get My Stolen BlackBerry Back?


Location of stolen BlackBerry
This is where Protect places my BlackBerry

Dear BlackBerryCool,

You guys write about apps like BlackBerry Protect and SmrtGuard all the time, and I thought I would give Protect a try. Just my luck, last week I had my BlackBerry stolen and I turned on Protect to see if I could find it. Protect gave me a map with a pin of where my device is, accurate to about 6 meters (ED NOTE: pictured above). So I decided to call the police and report it stolen because it’s technically theft over $500, making it worth police attention. In the report I said I have software installed to help find my BlackBerry and an investigator called me back a few days ago. I gave him the screenshot and he said he would get back to me. This is what he said:
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Zenprise enables large scale BlackBerry management and locating



Zenprise is announcing the launch of Device Manager, a new module for Zenprise MobileManager that enables organizations to remotely manage BlackBerry devices. The system will pinpoint the exact location of a missing BlackBerry, while also enabling remote management of BlackBerry devices.

This announcement from Zenprise represents a significant jump in empowering enterprise to mobilize their business. MobileManager will help desk personnel and BlackBerry administrators to find lost or stolen devices, proactively monitor and diagnose device issues and audit devices for third party applications – all leading to significant cost savings, improved service levels and corporate compliance.
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