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BigHand Dictation App Version 4 Comes With Attachment Features


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BigHand for BlackBerry is a dictation app that is now in version 4, and includes several new features that are reminiscent of vPost. In version 4 of BigHand, you have the ability to take and attach photos from within the dictation app, append new documents and/or review finalized docs on-the-go, add advanced profile info and centrally configure via BES.

Features in BigHand 4 include:

  • Take and attach photos to dictations: allowing users to both take photos from within BigHand software and automatically attach them to the related voice file for submission.
  • Document attachments: attach any document or file type to BigHand dictations on a BlackBerry and submit them to the relevant workflow. Any file which can be browsed to can be attached. The files will also be accessible from the desktop client once sent.
  • Review finalised documents: authors can instantly access and review final documents, driven by the BigHand system, from their Smartphone without having to access their network via a laptop
  • Advanced profiling: add additional and customised profile information to dictations prior to submission. The profile data is then also accessible in the desktop client.
  • Full ‘Work in Progress’ visibility: view all your dictations, including those submitted from the desktop, on the BlackBerry instead of just those submitted from the device.
  • Full central configuration: all BlackBerry client settings will be configurable from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, giving system administrators full control over device settings.

More information and download available at BigHand. This is enterprise software so you need to register with the company to pilot the app.

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3M Launch Mobile Dictation Software for Health Professionals



3M have developed a new mobile dictation service for physicians with BlackBerrys that is essentially Vlingo for health professionals. The service features beefed up security in order to comply with the HiPAA and hospital-specific guidelines for encryption and authentication. The software lets physicians view patient lists, search IDs and access the most current patient information via their BlackBerry.

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BigHand releases BlackBerry dictation service app with free trial



The dictation service market for BlackBerry is growing fast. Companies such as MyCaption, Phillips and now BigHand, are offering voice-to-text solutions.

BigHand are leaders in voice productivity for the legal community, and their latest application for BlackBerry, will surely save law firms time and money.

This dictation service application allows users to record, edit, and send voice files using their BlackBerry. The application securely sends the dictation to an outsourced transcription service, with the user able to prioritise important items, track the progress of work, and then receive transcripts back via email.

BigHand’s dictation software is available on a free 30 day trial. During this free trial, you can submit as much content as you’d like to be transcribed by the outsourcing service.


Free voice to data email app for BlackBerry



Audiowav is a free app that lets you dictate your emails by voice and have it transcribed directly to data. This is a great service for those who get spontaneous ideas and want to let their coworkers know about it.

AudioWav Mobile for BlackBerry® presents a new dimension to wireless working. Recording, editing and sending dictation files from your BlackBerry® offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround time. When recording is finished, your dictation files will be securely transmitted to your assistant’s e-mail for automatic import into their standalone transcription player or to the company’s dictation server. After transcription, the transcribed document can then be sent back to the BlackBerry® by email. AudioWav Player or Audioworxs is the perfect companion for your BlackBerry®, delivering everything you need for secure, wireless dictation workflow.

Try Audiowav for FREE and download their app OTA.



WinScribe unveils new component


WinScribe logoWinScribe, producers of dictation software, has announced that they’ll be unveiling the BlackBerry component of the WinScribe Mobility Suite today. For those in the neighbourhood, the BlackBerry software will be demonstrated at the ALM Legal Tech New York show, held in the Hilton New York Hotel February 5-7th. WinScribe will demo it at their booth (#2109/2111) every day of the conference, and at the BlackBerry booth (#2008/2010) from 10 AM to 5 PM on February 6th. WinScribe features the ability to both provide audio to a transcription team, complete with document attachments to ensure accuracy, as well as local recording to be pushed out at a later date if reception is poor.


BlackBerry dictation software for lawyers released


GavelBighand is now offering some dictation software for BlackBerry geared specifically towards lawyers. With Mobilitysuite‘s BlackBerry dictation, you can record, save, and send audio files Alongside the other bundled dictation apps, the Mobilitysuite lets you do your dictations by e-mail, web, phone or BlackBerry (both BIS and BES).

BlackBerry dictation – allows users using BlackBerry operating system 4.2 (or 4.2.1 on the 8700) to record, edit and playback digital dictations on their BlackBerry smartphone and immediately upload them wirelessly into their BigHand3 Server for flexible workflow routing and office-based completion or transcription. Both BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service architectures are supported … Steve Butterworth, CEO & President of BigHand, Inc describes: “Mobility is an area we are seeing law firms increasingly focus on, with our voice tools enabling greater connectivity and expediting document production while on the move. Turning your BlackBerry into a dictation device will also save law firm budgets as lawyers will not need to carry two devices for out of the office dictation. But most importantly, due to the immediate transfer of voice back to the office, legal documents are being provided to clients quicker than ever.