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Free BlackBerry Apps That Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Health and fitness might be a New Year’s resolution cliche but I need to bounce back into action after after sitting around stuffing my face with food over the holidays. Quitting smoking is also best done when it’s cold out so here are some great free diet, fitness and quit smoking apps for BlackBerry.
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Starting a Diet for the New Year? BlackBerry App World Has Apps for You



The New Year is upon us and I know some of you out there are looking to start a diet or get in shape. There are some apps in App World that are worth checking out and can help you with that New Year’s resolution.
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Fitness and diet monitoring and tracking with your BlackBerry



I decided I should probably try to get my blood pressure under control. My Doctor hooked me up with a dietician and she has me keeping track of my calorie intake and my exercise habits. At first I thought, piece of cake, I’ll just write down everything in a notebook. After the first 3 weeks I lost my notebook. I got another notebook, but it’s just too tedious to keep up with. After a little deductive reasoning, the next best solution would be to use my Blackberry device as my journal, as I never lose track of it, knock on wood. After going through what was available online I decided on Ascendo Fitness. My first impression is I like what I see so far.
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