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Digicel launches BlackBerry 8320 in Bermuda


Bermuda It was nearly a year ago that the Curve first hit Bermudan shores, but now the Wi-Fi version from Digicel has lapped up on the tropical surf. Bermuda keeps a close eye on devices coming onto the island, one would presume to protect such a small and isolated market. It’s good to see that hasn’t stopped the new devices from coming in, even though it’s a little late to the party. I wonder how long it’ll take for Digicel to get the BlackBerry Bold out there…

BlackBerry 8300 launches in Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago


Gold StarLatin America’s getting a bit of BlackBerry love today, what with the BlackBerry 8300 launch by Telcel in Mexico and Digicel in Trinidad and Tobago. Digicel’s Curve is going for $3899 TTD, or $620 US, and Telcel’s for … man, my Spanish is rusty. No luck finding the price on Telcel’s site. Any speakers out there who can get a lock down on the BlackBerry 8300’s price in Mexico gets a gold star. Although the BlackBerry 8300 is just coming out now in Mexcio, some sneaky forum members have been able to get one across the border and activated A-O-K before official release.

BlackBerry 8300 hits tropical paradise


JamaicaDigicel’s unleased the BlackBerry Curve upon the Carribean, starting with Bermuda. Digicel’s got a strong hold on the Central American and Carribean markets, and has been doing very well with BlackBerry since they began two years ago.

RIM called to handle national security


Flag of Guyana If BlackBerry is good enough for the government of world powers, then it’s good enough for the small South American country of Guyana. During a BlackBerry launch party last Tuesday, Guyana Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee invited RIM and local carrier Digicel to outfit the government to improve internal security. Digicel had only been in Guyana for three months before introducing BlackBerry service, and now with a government deal all but signed, they won’t be hurting for business any time soon. During Digicel’s launch party Carrier Relationship Manager, Lori Mulder explained how push e-mail worked, versus their old way of getting e-mail on handsets: dial-up. So next time you’re considering complaining about network coverage, just count your lucky stars instead.