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Red Bull Motocross: Thrills and Spills for Your Thumbs


Red Bull Motocross is a big ramp motorcycle trick game by Digital Chocolate. The game focuses on the perfect execution of tricks, which you must do while doing huge jumps on your motocross bike.
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5 New Premium Games By Digital Chocolate Now Available


Digital Chocolate make some really impressive premium games for BlackBerry including 3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurassic 2 for BlackBerry 7 devices. Recently, the company has added over 5 new premium titles to the Bplay catalog and they’re definitely worth checking out. More after the jump.
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New Digital Chocolate Games Crazy Penguin Assault and Sky Diving Challenge Available


Crazy Penguin Assault

There are two new Digital Chocolate games in the Bplay/BlackBerryCool store and they both look like really fun casual games. Crazy Penguin Assault is reminiscent of Angry Birds in the sense that you launch a penguin from a catapult and watch the damage it does. The game has a ton of features including the ability to play over 50 levels in Campaign Mode or blast away in 20 explosive new Frenzy Mode levels. There is definitely a lot of value for $2.99.

The other game is Sky Diving Challenge: another fun casual game. In Sky Diving Challenge, your goal is to collect as many points and power-ups as you plummet towards the ground. Obviously you have to open your parachute before you hit the ground. SDC also gives you a lot of value for your dollar and features 40 levels in Career Mode.

Don’t forget that Bplay is also currently running a 40% off promotion until July 4th. Enjoy! Follow the promo link http://bpl.me/jotyvs and look for these two new games.

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Millionaire City for BlackBerry Now Available for $2.99


Millionaire City

The BlackBerryCool/Bplay branded store is happy to announce we have Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate, available exclusively in our store. You won’t find this game in Mobihand or App World so be the first to own it through us.

You’ve probably heard of or played Millionaire City on Facebook. It’s an awesome game that is simple and fun to play. The game lets you build luxurious houses, crowded commercial skyscrapers, gorgeous decorations and unique world wonders. Make smart investments, take risks, care for your properties and watch your company grow. Features of the game include:’

  • Earn your riches as you build your company from the ground up as the CEO.
  • Purchase property, build houses, and sign contracts to help your company grow.
  • Complete missions to earn more and get hours of entertainment.
  • Discover a wide range of luxurious items in the marketplace.
  • Fun and easy controls.
  • Count your money as you listen to golden music.

Millionaire City is available for $2.99 at this link. Click through for more information and screenshots.

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Review: New York Rollercoaster Rush by Digital Chocolate


New York Rollercoaster Rush is a two-button game from Digital Chocolate. In the game, your grandfather is an amusement park tycoon and you have to ride all of his 99 rollercoasters in order for you to be considered worthy enough to operate the fun family business. NY Rollercoaster Rush is the latest installment in Digital Chocolate’s popular rollercoaster series of games.

As with all Digital Chocolate games, the gameplay and controls are refreshingly simple. Before riding you get to examine the rollercoaster plans and take note of some of the major drops and loop-the-loops.
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