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Smarter Apps Discounts Vampires vs Hunter Game For a Limited Time Only


Smarter Apps is a great BlackBerry game development shop that has made some of the platform’s biggest selling titles. The company’s strategy is pretty clear: find what’s popular on other platforms and bring it to BlackBerry. One of the company’s most recent titles is Vampires vs Hunter which is essentially Plants vs Zombies (a title that’s available for the PlayBook but not smartphones). Currently, the game is on sale for around 60% off the regular price and available for $1.99. So go buy it!
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The BlackBerry Cool Deal of the Day – 50% off great BlackBerry Software


deal of the day

Starting today, you can find the Deal of the Day in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

To ring in this cool new feature, we’ve selected 10 outstanding products for the first 10 days. BlackBerry Cool readers will have the opportunity to buy a great app or theme – that day’s designated deal – at a 50% discount from either the new Desktop module or through the existing On Device App Store module.

The first set of Deal-of-the-Day offers include games/entertainment apps, themes, apps for improving personal productivity and performance enhancers for the BlackBerry. So there’s going to be something for everyone.

The First Deal of the Day

HD FutureX by Hedone Designs, is an innovative theme that tackles how to get more than 10 buttons on the home screen while still being wallpaper friendly. At first glance, you’ll see wallpaper displaying a blue sky and wheat-colored field. Hidden in the lower part of the screen are three boxes that each contain a hidden dock holding customizable icons. Hedone describes these as “15 in 3″ buttons. All of you need to know that this “natureful” theme is also quite functional and should be a welcome addition to any BlackBerry.

Normal Price is $6.99. Deal of Day price is just $3.50.

BlackBerry software discounts roundup – 1 day super sale


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Fabian writes some excellent software for BlackBerry that I personally use on a daily basis. Applications such as VibAndRing, have become an essential part of many’s BlackBerry experience and complement the built-in features on a BlackBerry nicely. Today, his apps are on sale so check them out!

VibAndRing – Set the vibration alert and the ringtone at the same time when a call is received.
Was $3.95 and now $0.99 until May 12

Whippoh (previously named BerryWhip) – Turn your BlackBerry Storm into a whip!
Was $2.99 and now $0.99 until May 12

BlinkWhileCall (for Bold, Storm, Curve, Pearl Flip) -Get notified with a bright, purple, fast blinking LED while the phone is ringing.
Was $1.99 and now $0.99 until May 12
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BlackBerry apps at great discounts from SHAPE Services



SHAPE Services’ has arranged a fantastic promotion for their most expensive BlackBerry apps. From now through May 1st, all SHAPE Services’ BlackBerry apps which are priced more than $19.99 will be discounted to exactly $19.99. That represents a savings of up to 60% (or $30). This is a fantastic deal for your customers who usually pay $49.95 for top-rated products like IM+: All-in-One Messenger and RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles and $29.95 for products like Mobiscope.

In all there’s 7 products on sale, but check out all 19 of SHAPE Services’ products for BlackBerry.

Remember this special pricing ends May 1st!
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BlackBerry software and accessories at great discounts for Easter


blackberry cool store

The BlackBerry Cool store is filled with apps at great discount prices!


RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry
It’s like Adobe Reader for your BlackBerry! View native PDF files and email attachments stored on your BlackBerry with the highest fidelity solution on the market today.
$14.95 until Apr 17

Run Apps, Lookup Contacts, Seach Files Instantly and Intelligently
$4.95 until Apr 30

FlipSide MP3 Player
A visually stunning MP3 player for your BlackBerry smartphone which lets you swoosh through full-screen color album art with your trackball…
$9.95 until May 1

Memory Eye
Memory Eye monitors your application memory and alerts you when it drops to your preset threshold!

iVista 2
iVista 2 is the next version of this BlackBerry theme.
Only $6.00
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