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Distimo Report Shows Falling App Prices But May Be Innacurate



The Distimo report covers all the major smartphone app stores and reports on some of the trends happening in terms of prices, downloads and user behavior. For developers, Distimo has a really useful app reporting service called Distimo Monitor, which tracks your apps downloads and purchases, and provides you with a nice visualization of your numbers. Hit the jump for some facts from the report:
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Distimo Launches App Monitoring Service for Better Visualizing App Download and Revenue Figures


distimo monitor service for developers

Distimo are well known in the industry for keeping an eye on the app economy and monitoring all the major distribution points such as App World, App Store, Android Market and Ovi. Their latest product is called Distimo Monitor, and it allows developers to login with their vendor credentials (eg App World vendor profile), and get analytics about their application such as total daily downloads, revenues and rankings worldwide of their application(s). It also allows the developer to see how they stack up against their competitors by comparing their own apps against competitive apps in any country. Developers can then use this knowledge to adjust pricing and distribution channels to maximize the growth and revenue streams of their apps.
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Highest Paid and Free Applications in BlackBerry App World


The latest Distimo report shows the highest ranked paid and free applications in BlackBerry App World, as well as other smartphone platforms such as Nokia’s Ovi, Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile. In the May Distimo report, BlackBerry didn’t really have a presence in the “news and noteworthy” section. When it comes to applications, it seems themes are really dominating the lists. Themes are great for customizing your BlackBerry, but it would be good to see more rich applications in App World to demonstrate the power of the platform. Also, the utilities that come are in the top ranked lists seem as though they should be part of the OS and not third party apps. Applications such as QuickPull and MemoryBooster shouldn’t be something the user needs to download.
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Improving the Gaming Experience on BlackBerry


Games, they pass the time and fill in the cracks. In the last few years, with the processing and memory increases in mobile phones, casual gaming on-the-go has increased. Consumers love their Peggle and want to take it with them everywhere and BlackBerry users are no different. For proof, take a look at the BlackBerry App World Top Paid list, where over a third of the content are games. Here are a few ways RIM can help the BlackBerry gaming industry:

Fix The Payment System

It has been said before, but BlackBerry users shouldn’t have to rely on PayPal as the company has a tendency to freeze accounts. Also, gamers are impulsive and the platform should cater to conspicuous consumption. I love the Apple App Store’s One-Click buying. It’s seamless and has siphoned more than $25 out of my pockets in the last two months.
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Distimo Report Compares Mobile Games on Smartphones


Distimo have released their latest report based on 2010 data that compares games in the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace. The major findings of the report include:

  • Games on the Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry App World are most expensive at $4.91 and $4.60 (on average) respectively.
  • The Games category on the Apple App Store with the most titles available is Puzzle.
  • Games published in the Role Playing category on the Apple App Store are most expensive, averaging $7.96 per game. Most other game categories average between $1.30 and $2.60.
  • 22% of the most grossing game titles in the Apple App Store were published in the Action category. The Arcade and Adventure categories were second and third with 12% and 9%, respectively. Interestingly enough, although the Puzzle category is the largest games category in the Apple App Store, relatively few of these games generate enough revenue to be ranked among the top grossing game titles.

To download the report yourself, grab it from the Distimo site.
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