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The Next Wave in the Mobile App Economy: Distribution, Sophistication, Payments and Identity


The Next Wave in Mobile App Commerce
Moving from rivers of monetization to lakes of commerce exchange [click to enlarge]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Terry Hughes, former President of Widality, is Wmode’s as Head of Market Development. Be sure to check out his past editorials too.

The mobile app market is maturing nicely; apps are becoming more sophisticated, routes to market are broader, development times have been greatly reduced, there is a plethora of billing options available, and perhaps most valuable, apps have moved from being the domain of a few niche players to being a critical part of the branding and engagement strategy of most companies. In this sense, the mobile software market has started to resemble the PC software market with a few key platforms to worry about, standardized development tools, and open APIs to enable the many parties in the value chain to connect together.
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Brightstar to boost indirect Verizon BlackBerry sales


VerizonCarriers have a pretty solid relationship with RIM, but as soon as you get second-degree stores like Carphone Warehouse and Wireless Giant, things must get a little stickier. Luckily, Brightstar has recently started up some work with Verizon and RIM to provide better support to indirect sales outlets. The new program provides “marketing, sales, inventory management and credit management programs” for the little guys to help push BlackBerrys out through new channels.