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NTT DoCoMo will bring back the BlackBerry Bold


Although NTT DoCoMo halted sales of the BlackBerry Bold, the carrier is definitely going to continue selling the device to both enterprise and consumers alike. I know this because the carrier sent out an email requesting BlackBerry software providers to contact them about partnerships to sell their software to Japanese BlackBerry users. According to the email:

NTT DOCOMO is a top mobile carrier in Japan and has excusive sales authority for BlackBerry series in Japan.
Although they have attracted a loyal but relatively small core of users to date, the market is expected to expand,
particularly among users who place a priority on secure mobile access to synchronized office email, schedules and files.

Now if they can just figure out their overheating BlackBerry issues.

BlackBerry Bold to reach Japan by early 2009


Japan BlackBerry Bold

Word coming straight out of Tokyo is that RIM is looking to release the BlackBerry Bold in Japan by early 2009. While the average Japanese person has smartphones that are lightyears beyond ours, with cold fusion and laser support, RIM’s COO Donald Morrison sees a huge opportunity in the enterprise space:

“The challenge for us is to get our products localised,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of a briefing to introduce the Bold in Japan. “Once they are localised and pass the certification, the opportunity, particularly in the enterprise base, is an essentially still wide open market.”

NTT DoCoMo is already selling BlackBerry in Japan and in addition to the BlackBerry Bold, plans to almost double its smartphone line-up to 10 by next year to tap growing demand for phones with computer-like capabilities. For our friends in the land of the rising sun who just can’t wait, check out our full BlackBerry Bold review below.

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(via Reuters)

NTT DoCoMo launching BIS in Japan


Japan had been struggling with language support issues and BlackBerry, but now that the BlackBerry 8703 will be available on BIS for ¥ 3,045 or about $US 30, it looks like the brand is getting some traction. The BlackBerry Internet Service will be available August 1st. to customers who don’t have a corporate server handy, which opens up the market considerably. While the 8703 has most of the same guts as the newer models, it’s still distinctly lacking their good looks and style. It goes without saying that Japan will have some pretty stiff competition in wireless, so if RIM means business there, they might have to fast track the device catalog to catch up.

(Far East Gizmos via Rimarkable)

Japanese language support expands


NTT DoCoMo has announced that their Nanimail application, which facilitates Japanese character recognition, will be compatible with the BlackBerry 8300, 8800, 8820, and 8830 on November 1st, with 8100 and 7100 software coming out December 1st. Oddly, this app was developed by DoCoMo’s American branch; you’d think that when it comes to writing Japanese, you’d want to keep operations at home. In any case, this character input software complements the Japanese language support update to the BlackBerry OS back in July, and should offer our buddies across the pond a full-bodied BlackBerry experience.

NTT DoCoMo bringing language support to BlackBerry 8707


The Japanese language support we mentioned last month has come to fruition, with BlackBerry software updates happening next monday. Not only are menus going to be in Japanese, but input support is also on the way. Anyone on a BES will also get an update to facilitate the new features, along with the desktop manager. With that out of the way, maybe BlackBerrys can make some headway into Japan beyond visiting businesspeople.

DoCoMo pushes for 3.5G


Between setting up Hawaii with WCDMA through AT&T, and beginning an experimental “Super 3G” project, DoCoMo’s had a pretty busy week. The Super 3G is based off HSPA and is primarily focused on low latency and spectrum efficiency. Funny that, considering Norm Lo’s words the other day regarding 3G. Could this new technology be something RIM bites on?

In addition to this, Super 3G will be examining something called Multiple-Input Multiple-Output or MIMO, which involves multiple antennas receiving and transmitting data on the same frequency. Ultimately, they’re hoping to hit the 300 Mbps downlink mark; a noble goal, especially considering the last big project we’ve heard about was aiming for 100. The 3rd. Generation Partnership Project is on board for this one, marking Super 3G as a long-term evolution for wireless standards and aiming for a 2010 implementation. As far as Hawaii goes, Ohau should have WCDMA coverage by the end of the year, with the rest of the islands getting access early in 2008.

DoCoMo to carry language support on BlackBerry, Japanese still hate the damn thing


Here we go, this is the kind of Pacific push I’m talking about. DoCoMo’s announced that they’re going to be pre-loading the BlackBerry 8707h sometime this summer with Japanese language support. BIS 2.3 featured Japanese as one of the freshly-embedded languages, and on top of that, BES and the desktop manager will be getting the oriental treatment.

With this move, RIM is diving head-first into a market that has yet to show much interest in BlackBerry. This has been in the works since at least October, but really should have been included from the get-go. Japanese character input seems like a pretty basic, no-brainer way of doing business in Japan, don’t you think? Coming out of the gates without language support seriously hurt BlackBerry’s initial release - hopefully its reputation hasn’t been too tarnished over there.