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SignEasy Premium: The Best BlackBerry 10 App Purchase You Will Ever Make


If you find yourself signing PDFs and documents, SignEasy Premium is a must-have app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. SignEasy has a free version, and the paid version costs $20. When compared to the cost of most apps, $20 may seem like a lot but it’s actually very cheap when you consider your time. The amount of time that SignEasy saves the average person means this app is bringing you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in saved time.
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Viira Outlook Suite Brings Your Outlook to BlackBerry Updated to 2.1


Viira Outlook Suite by Karta Mobile is an elegant fusion of Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry. Designed with philosophies drawn from David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the Outlook suite relies heavily on key actionable elements such as projects, contexts, day tasks and an in-basket to help staff remain productive. Viira Outlook Suite is also 15% off for a limited time.
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WatchDox Secure Document Sharing Solution Announcing BlackBerry Support


WatchDox, a provider of document security solutions, will be announcing their new Blackberry support on July 25. With WatchDox, companies can share important documents securely with a cloud-based service for protecting, controlling and tracking sensitive documents. When the service goes live for BlackBerry, companies will be able to easily view secure WatchDox files in PDF or Microsoft Office format and document owners can restrict files from being copied, printed or forwarded and can remotely revoke access to documents in real-time.

Head over to the WatchDox site for more about pricing and features.

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Microsoft Office Document Editing Software for BlackBerry Reviewed


Since the release of the BlackBerry Presenter and the announcement of the iPad I’ve been thinking more about mobile word processing. Until now I was satisfied just using the notepad and email functions to export the note-taking I do on my BlackBerry, onto my desktop. When iPad’s iWork word processing got debuted, I started thinking about how great it would be to get advanced word-processing features on my text-nimble BlackBerry.

After some testing I found myself wondering why bold, italics, and basic text formatting aren’t part of the BlackBerry experience. I would love it if I could compose BBMs or emails in bold, italics, and strikethroughs.

Here are some of the solutions I tried. Both had about as much ease of purchase and registration as any game or theme, which was surprising for such valuable mobile utilities.
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Cortado Corporate Professional Server (audio)



This week we had the chance to talk with Cortado’s Henning Volkmer and Roger Guerrero about their recently-launched Corporate Server software for small and medium companies, branching to a lot of interesting topics, like the the continuing importance of printing documents (even in the digital age), dreams of leaving every laptop behind, the particular needs of SMBs and their partnership with DataViz. Take a listen to our interview with Cortado, also available on MP3.

Excerpt and interview behind the jump!

BIS upgraded, but OS 4.5 won’t be until September


BIS 2.5

So, the aforementioned BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade went through this weekend, but word has it that the matching version 4.5 handheld software won’t be available until September. The biggest kick in the teeth here is the lack of HTML email viewing, but those who have smuggled the early betas of the OS onto their BlackBerry will be able to enjoy the feature on BIS. OS 4.5 will bring some other goodies to the table, like native file downloading in a variety of formats (including audio and video) up to 3 MB and document editing. Integration with AOL and Windows Live won’t require the new OS, and is being offered right now with BIS 2.5. For further features of the new BlackBerry Internet Service, check out this knowledgebase article.

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