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DataViz unveils premium Documents To Go


One thing I wonder about some types of software is “what happens when RIM bundles it with the device?” This was certainly the case with Documents To Go, which will be integrating full document viewing and editing with OS 4.5. Well, DataViz just put up the features of their Premium Edition. So what does the premium version have that the standard doesn’t? For one, document creation (the standard edition only lets you edit existing docs). For two, fancy text formatting like font size changes, bullets and paragraphs are only on the premium version. It’s a pretty slick strategy there – get their basic software on every BlackBerry out there, then when users get frustrated that they can’t do what they want to do, they’re roped into the premium service. Very sly. You’ll be looking at $69.99 for the full premium version of Documents To Go.

WES 08 Hangover Week: BeamBerry previews offline PDF viewing


BeamBerry PDFBeamberry was showing off an upcoming PDF viewer at WES, toting offline file viewing. That means you can view full fidelity PDFs even when you don’t have a signal, since it’s all rendered on-device. BeamBerry PDF Reader, available this June, will be able to process PDFs stored on microSD or internal memory, attached to e-mail, or accessed through web links. An especially handy bundled feature is a file navigator to find and organize your locally-stored PDFs, as well text search. Keep an eye out for it soon!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: DataViz


DataViz logoDataViz specializes in document compatibility. Their Documents to Go software is being bundles with OS 4.5 when it’s released, and will allow BlackBerry users to edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other document types right from their phone. So far, Documents to Go is the only BlackBerry software they offer (well, plan on offering) so we’ll surely get to see it in action at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Terratial Technologies


Terratial Technologies logoYou can’t go wrong with a company that Handango dubbed developer of the year. Terratial Technologies has a number of applications for both business and consumer use. Their DocHawk software provides email attachment reading for over 50 file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office documents and RTF documents, at multiple zoom levels. HollerID, a more consumer-oriented product, announces the first name of an incoming caller. Over 1,700 names are recognized, and there are 15 voices to choose from. There are too many products to list here, so suffice to say they’ll be worth checking out at WES.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Cerience


Cerience logoRepliGo is the flagship product from Cerience. The software, which can be installed and administrated on BES or via subscription to Cerience, allows users to view a wide variety of files on their BlackBerry. PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs, rich text files, faxes, images, and more can all be accessed directly from your phone. You can even print to an HP PCL Bluetooth printer or fax documents without sitting at a computer. It plays nicely with any other attachment services present on BES, and works with Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, or Lotus Domino.

WICKSoft announces Novell Teaming + Conferencing support


WICKSoft logoWICKSoft announced yesterday that they now support Novell Teaming + Conferencing in their mobile document access (MDA) software. Teaming + Conferencing is a new enterprise level social networking tool which allows groups of users around the globe to quickly and easily share documents, calendars, files, and discussion forums, and as we all know, enterprise social networking is getting awfully popular. WICKSoft Mobile Documents already gives access to Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and many other document types.