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Open-Xchange Server 5 gets BlackBerry client


SyncJeNexthaus has just announced SyncJe for BlackBerry, letting your handhelds sync up to Open-Xchange Server 5. Open-Xchange is an open source, web-based office client optimized for Linux, and works just dandy with Outlook. SyncJe aims to extend all of its handy office functions like calendars, contacts, e-mail, tasks and document sharing to your handheld. If you’re already set up with an Open-Xchange server, a 15-day trial of SyncJe for BlackBerry is available for download over the air at www.nexthaus.com/bb/syncjebb.jad. The full retail runs for a scant $39.95.

Free mobile file conversion


Beam it up ScottyJosep just pointed us to Beam it up Scotty, which chews up picture, document, music and video files and spits mobilized versions back at you via SMS download link. We aren’t getting any luck with a Canadian phone number, but considering it’s German, we might guess this is just for European users right now. (Edit: I’m a dumbass, just didn’t put 00 before my phone number.) Anyway, give it a shot and leave a comment letting us know how it works.

WICKSoft upgrades to 3.4, features full-fidelity file viewing


WICKSoft Mobile DocumentsWe spotted WICKSoft last Spring, sporting a virtual private network app which let you view files on your BlackBerry which were stored on your office network. Their latest upgrade to Mobile Documents has taken out the conversion process, so now you see your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs in their unfettered full-resolution glory. The set-up also lets you e-mail and fax those files willy-nilly, which is pretty handy. If you’re interested, the software works on Windows, Novell, and SharePoint environments, and you can give it a 30-day trial.

More BlackBerry Unite! info


UniteBack when Telefonica busted out the BlackBerry 8120, they also announced their free small group syncing solution, BlackBerry Unite! Well, Josep spotted a demo from RIM which goes over the key features, as well as links to an information page. They break it down as benefits for family (such as accessing shared photos, calendars, contacts), and business (remote file viewing, device lock-down, security). Unite is looking sweeter than ever, and hopefully the presence of a site in English signals its arrival here in North America soon. It might only be for up to five devices and 10 e-mail accounts, but that’s pretty good value for a free download.

Detailed features behind the jump!

Google Docs goes mobile


Google MobileAfter checking out docs.google.com/m and a little Google Help Center page, it looks like Google Docs is now accessible through your BlackBerry. This is great news for those who have devoted themselves to the Google lifestyle, but you still can’t do any document editing from the mobile site. Having access to your shared docs is nice and all, but mobile editing really is the dream.

BeamBerry updated


BeamBerryThe document viewer BeamBerry got updated to version 2.0 over the weekend. BeamBerry is a cool little app that lets you view, print and store PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF and ZIP files on your BlackBerry. Pretty handy stuff, there. The big changes in the new version?

“The key new feature introduced in this release is the ability for users to attach documents that they have stored on BeamDisk to new e-mails. The release also includes numerous improvements in the areas of performance, reliability and security, and contains fixes for several bugs discovered in previous versions (e.g. various problems with BeamPrint).”

It’s still in beta, but I reckon these guys will be going commercial pretty soon. Better get in on the free software while you can.