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Choose Your Favorite Smartphone and Donate to Fight Global Poverty


choose for change

A new website developed by a group of engineering students and former Facebook and Microsoft employees called ChooseForChange.com is looking for people to choose their favorite smartphone and donate to help fight global poverty. The goal is to raise money for the World Partnership Walk, whose funds go directly to international development projects supported by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

It’s a fun idea and if you’re interested in donating to the cause, perhaps it makes more sense just to donate directly to the Aga Khan Foundation and get straight to where the funds will end up eventually. Or, if you’d like to support your favorite smartphone brand, you can always head over to ChooseForChange.com.

UPDATE: Spoke to the PR team and they said “The reason we wanted to build awareness about World Partnership Walk was because it is an event that is held across Canada annually. We wanted the external community to become a part of this and have the opportunity to take part. The World Partnership Walk is only affiliated with the Aga Khan Foundation so 100% of the proceeds will go directly there anyways.”

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Mike Lazaridis donates $50M to Waterloo physics center


RIM co-CEO Mike LazaridisIn what has become standard procedure for RIM’s co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis has donated an additional $50 million to the Perimeter Institute, Waterloo’s center for theoretical physics, bringing his total contribution levels to a whopping $150 million (Lazaridis donated an initial $100 million to help found the center in 2000).

“These are exciting times in science, and we have the good fortune to propel new ideas right here in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,” he said. “It is an important mission I feel passionate about and wish to support.”

Lazaridis made the private donation Wednesday evening just prior to a public lecture at the institute. Mikey, listen: we think it’s a great thing you’re doing here forwarding scientific discovery (and using RIM’s proximity to the Perimeter Institute to capitalize on that discovery), but if all you wanted was a lecture gig, you should have just come here. We would have gladly let you give a lecture at BBCool HQ for a cool mill, no questions asked (in unmarked ones, preferably). Call us.

(via CBC)