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Free To Play (F2P) Games Have Big Potential On BlackBerry 10


Free to Play games are the next big thing on mobile. More accurately, the problem the big thing right now on mobile. The leaders of Free To Play (F2P), are by far iOS and Android. The reason being is that these platforms have both the games and the users to make for a market that is favorable to F2P. BlackBerry 10 arguably has the right technical specs to be a competitor, but what it’s really lacking is the user base. But lets be hypothetical for a minute; what if BlackBerry 10 had the users? There are a couple aspects of BlackBerry 10 that make it highly competitive in today’s market. One is the payment relationships RIM has. The other is its commitment to a its developers.
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BlackBerry App World Milestone: 3 Billion Apps Served


Today RIM announced that their app storefront BlackBerry App World has served up more than 3 billion apps to BlackBerry users worldwide. Going live April 1st 2009 BlackBerry App World has grown it’s app library and feature set and boasts the highest revenue per app out of all of the smartphone app stores. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry App World Milestone: 3 Billion Apps Served’

RIM Offers Free Holiday Wallpapers For Your BlackBerry


RIM is offering some free wallpapers that you can use for your BlackBerry’s background or BBM profile pic. There are 4 wallpapers available and they all combine the popular BlackBerry Notification symbol and some Christmas element. Get the download link after the jump.
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Use QR Codes to Download Apps in the BlackBerryCool Store


blackberry qr codes

QR codes are a great way to download apps. One of the best implementations is downloading from OTA links from your browser without having to manually type it in on your BlackBerry. We wrote about this a while ago and it involves getting a QR code generator for your browser, and scanning the QR code from your device. Amazing isn’t it?

Mobihand has implemented QR codes in the store to easily follow the link to the mobile version of the site where you can download without having to wait for the download link to arrive by email.

Enjoy them in the store! If you’re having issues, make sure to read our full Guide to BlackBerry Barcode reading apps to find an appropriate barcode reader for your device.

Download BlackBerry Apps with 2D Barcodes


Try downloading the above QR code for the foursquare beta app with this method.

Whenever we post a link about an app on BlackBerry Cool that you can download OTA, I’m sure there are many of you who pick up your BlackBerry and hit the site by typing it in your web browser. There is a much more fun way of downloading apps OTA and it involves 2D barcodes, or QR codes.

To do this, get a plugin that generates a QR code from a web link. With FireFox, a good plugin to use is Mobile Barcoder. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, it allows you to generate a qr code from a link with a simple right click.

Now that you can generate QR codes from links, you just need to scan them on your BlackBerry. For a good barcode scanner, see the BlackBerry Cool guide. I suggest adding the barcode scanner to a Convenience Key, so that with a touch of a button you can be downloading any app off the site.

Try it out with the foursquare beta app found at http://foursquare.com/blackberry/beta-pacman

[Hat tip Sonya at BBDownloads.net]

Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS download


Yet another unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS is out. This time, it’s BlackBerry OS version Personally, I wouldn’t download this. Especially if you are a new to relatively new BlackBerry user. If you’re a power user and are familiar with undoing OS upgrades, then give it a try.

Get the new OS here.