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Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS download



Yet another unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS is out. This time, it’s BlackBerry OS version Personally, I wouldn’t download this. Especially if you are a new to relatively new BlackBerry user. If you’re a power user and are familiar with undoing OS upgrades, then give it a try.

Get the new OS here.


BIS upgraded, but OS 4.5 won’t be until September


BIS 2.5

So, the aforementioned BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade went through this weekend, but word has it that the matching version 4.5 handheld software won’t be available until September. The biggest kick in the teeth here is the lack of HTML email viewing, but those who have smuggled the early betas of the OS onto their BlackBerry will be able to enjoy the feature on BIS. OS 4.5 will bring some other goodies to the table, like native file downloading in a variety of formats (including audio and video) up to 3 MB and document editing. Integration with AOL and Windows Live won’t require the new OS, and is being offered right now with BIS 2.5. For further features of the new BlackBerry Internet Service, check out this knowledgebase article.

(via BGR)

Get Monopoly Tycoon for free!


Monopoly TycoonWho can say no to a free BlackBerry game? Well, we give ‘em away just about every week here at BBCool, but this way requires quite a bit less effort. They’ve also got Texas Hold ‘Em King 2 and Sudoku for free download. So what does it take? All you got to do is sign up to RIM’s new BlackBerry Owners Lounge, and be one of the first 10,000 to do it. Now, the game alone might be enough to sell you, but the Owners Lounge is actually pretty slick. They’ve got some BlackBerry tips there, downloads, useful links, the whole nine yards. So far it’s looking to be a great BlackBerry web portal. Now when are they going to put a Blogs section on there?