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Free XMASS StillScreen from DreamTheme plus discounts



The holidays are fast approaching and DreamTheme are giving away their Christmas StillScreen to help you decorate your BlackBerry with seasonal style.

To get your free Christmas StillScreen, visit the DreamTheme site from your desktop and enter the code “ENJOY” at checkout to get 100% off. Use code “BBCOOL1” if you want an additional 15% off of any of their other themed personalization products including:

  • PrimeThemes: Classic Themes for your BlackBerry including over 50 icons, and three backgrounds.
  • LiveScreens: Replacements for you BlackBerry homescreen featuring customizable icons, quick launches, drop down menus, hotkeys, custom backgrounds, layouts and more.
  • DreamTones: Each pack contains over 22 professionally produced tones from world-class studios.
  • StillScreens: A series of grand, uplifting background screens to embellish your BlackBerry and your day.

Note: DreamTheme does not currently fully support OS 5.0 but they say that they will soon and timing is “days, not weeks away.”

Happy Holidays from BlackBerry Cool!

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LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout!


Earlier this week we gave you a first-hand look at LiveScreens, the evolution of BlackBerry personalization beyond simple themes. Readers have been so excited by the LiveScreens that we’ve decided to go a little crazy and post screenshots of all the available LiveScreens by DreamTheme. After the jump you’ll find the Velvet, Sky, Bliss, Deep and Links LiveScreens, as well as a video demonstrating how the moving backgrounds look.


LiveScreens by DreamTheme screenshot blowout

Hands On with LiveScreens from DreamTheme


Every BlackBerry user has a special love for their BlackBerry theme of choice. As one of the few ways users can personalize their BlackBerry, it’s a pretty significant statement: do you choose something trendy like an iBerry theme, or relive your youth with a Super Mario Bros theme?

We were recently contacted by DreamTheme, a company that is looking to evolve BlackBerry personalization beyond simple themes with LiveScreens. LiveScreens are essentially animated homescreen applications, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Hit the jump and come check out one of the coolest new things you can put on your BlackBerry.

What is a LiveScreen?