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RIM Announces Free Voice Command App for Service Outage: Vlingo


RIM has released another free premium app in the wake of the big October BlackBerry service outage. Vlingo is a high-end voice command app that normally retails for $19.99.

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Canadian traffic monitoring from your BlackBerry


GlobisWe just got word about Globis Data, who are opening the doors to a beta for their WAP-based traffic information service, DRIVES. Right now only Montreal and Toronto are covered, but keep an eye out for Ottawa and Calgary soon. It might not be much to look at, but this information is updated once every couple of minutes, which is pretty impressive. It uses cell signals to determine the speed of cars along particular streets, so you can see what’s moving slowly and what’s cruising. Since it’s all browser-based, it’s easy enough to keep your area of town bookmarked for easy access. So any drivers in Montreal or Toronto, give it a shot by accessing www.globisdata.ca/d2m5/bb_eng/welcome.html from your mobile browser and let us know how it fares.