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SyncMate Helps BlackBerry Sync Data With Your Mac, iPod, iPhone and More


Syncing files, calendars, contacts and music between devices is a bitch. When connecting a lot of consumer-grade services to each other but I mostly end up generating duplicates whether it’s duplicate calendar entries, contacts or the mother of all duplicate problems: music. This drives me crazy because the whole point of sync software is to have single versions of the most current versions of your files.
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Files and Folders Connects Your BlackBerry Playbook to Cloud Storage Services


Cloud storage is all the rage nowadays. With so many places offering lots of free online storage, many users have signed up for multiple services. Files and Folders allows you to access the most popular of these services with ease from your BlackBerry Playbook.
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4Shared Virtual Storage Service Offers 15GB of Free Space with Cross-Platform Apps



UDPATE: 4Shared actually offers 15GB of data (not 10 as previously reported).

4Shared is a virtual drive solution that gives you drag and drop storage with 15GB of space for free. While competitors like Dropbox have very popular apps and get great ratings, it looks like 4Shared is positioning itself as a viable alternative with so much free space. The 4Shared app is available for BlackBerry, as well as across other platforms such as desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Symbian.

The 4Shared app has mixed reviews so let us know what you think here. Download the app free in App World.

FileScout Updated With Support for Dropbox



Emacberry let us know that FileScout has been updated and now includes support for Dropbox. The app is now listed as an official Dropbox app, and in order to keep the app as small as possible, it’s available as a separate app. To get Dropbox support for your FileScout app, you have to install the plugin separately OTA. Hit the jump to read about what’s new in this latest version of FileScout.
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Dropbox BlackBerry App Now Available for Download



Dropbox has been in beta for some time and the app is now available to download for the public. Dropbox is a valuable service for anyone who wants to share files and the mobile client lets you do it all on the go. What’s also cool about Dropbox is their publicly available API which allows developers to create applications around the service. There are over 100 third party mobile applications now in market that use the company’s mobile APIs to make mobile document editing, image capture, note taking and other features available to Dropbox users.

Download the Dropbox app at dropbox.com/blackberry.

File Sharing and Syncing with Dropbox Coming to BlackBerry


Dropbox is a simple file sharing and syncing service that comes with a mobile website and soon to be BlackBerry app. According to an email that was sent out to its 4 million users, the BlackBerry app is said to be “coming soon.”

The Dropbox service is really helpful for storing media files that can be accessible from anywhere. Users get 2GB worth of free space, with add-on plans offering more store and functionality for a fee.