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YouMail customers with VoIP or PBX get a free DropBox service


YouMail have announced their DropBox service: a free service that allows users to integrate VoIP and PBX voicemail with your BlackBerry voicemail. To use this service, your VoIP or PBX must support delivering voicemails by email as an MP3 or WAV file.

Every YouMail customer has a DropBox at myphonenumber@my.youmail.com (ie. 8881234567@my.youmail.com). To setup this DropBox, change the email address that your VoIP voicemail is delievered to, to the DropBox email provided.

Once setup, all voicemails sent to your DropBox should then appear in the YouMail inbox. Once there in YouMail, you have access to key YouMail features including access from BlackBerry apps, voicemail sharing, spam filtering, and more. You’ll even get full Caller ID from most services.


[Hat tip Shaun C]