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Rogers having some Vision problems?


Vision TestWe just got word that Rogers is having some problems with their recently-unveiled 3G Vision network, mainly that calls are frequently dropping when switching from 3G towers to the old 2G coverage. An internal memo confirmed the problem, so odds are the worker bees are busy on fixing it, although the problem reportedly persisted through the testing phase. Any Canadian subscribers out there been experiencing problems? Leave a comment!

Solar flares to blame from dropped calls


The SunDavid Thomson, math professor at Queen’s, is being led to believe that solar flares are screwing with radio transmissions, and resulting in dropped calls. There’s a jump between 9% and 20% of calls dropping when the involved antennae is pointed towards the sun during a solar flare.

“Understanding our Sun’s more than 10 million normal modes and their interactions with engineering systems on Earth is a challenge that we are just beginning to undertake,” says Dr. Thomson. “While many of the studies on telecommunications and cellphone system failures arose between the 1970s and the 1990s, it’s now timely to generate a synthesis of this knowledge and apply it to the problems that prompted the research in the first place!”

Curse you, day star! Hey, speaking of the sun, have you guys seen the new trailer for Sunshine? Looks pretty awesome.