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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 12th


This was a slower than usual week on BlackBerryCool but there are still some gems lying around. In apps, we saw some awesome updates from some old favorites such as Gym Technik, Druglord Wars 2, Cortado and Tvider. There are also some newish players to the scene such as Kik, who launched a very nice chat client which will soon come with video support as well. The Pearl 9100 has been making the rounds with a T9 and QWERTY keyboard, which should be great for sales in the European markets. We’ve also seen some interesting news on the wire, including a report that BlackBerry usage is the highest during the weekday compared to iPhone.
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Druglord Wars 2 Now Available with New Locations and Features


Druglord Wars 2 by Epic Applications is out and offers a wide range of updates that were requested by users. In the new version of Druglord Wars, there’s a new turn-based fighting system, a hospital where you can recover health, armor, 6 new locations, and a new point system to help you climb the global highscore board with over 60,000 scores already submitted.

The new Druglord Wars 2 is $1 off until April 16th, so check them out in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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