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Free CircleBack App Aggregates Your Contacts Across Social Networks


CircleBack is an app from Dub Labs, the same people who brought us the contact management solution DubMeNow. CircleBack aims to take all your contacts that are spread across a variety of social networks and aggregate them into a single place. By aggregating contacts, users can take advantage of having a single, larger network to draw from whether it be job opportunities, events or just catching up with friends.
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AT&T and DubMeNow Partner on Education App Platform for Students


Demo of the DubMeNow platform.

AT&T has announced a new cross-platform app platform called Campus Guide, which lets students, faculty, alumni and staff access campus information right on their smartphones. Community members can check out upcoming events, catch up on university sports scores and read course materials as well from within the app. The platform is possible due to a partnership with DubMeNow, a company we’ve covered before on BlackBerryCool. AT&T Campus Guide offers nine different features:
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DubMeNow Contact Management App Soon to Relaunch with More Features



DubMeNow, or DUB for short, is a cool contact exchange app we’ve written about for the last year or so. The app lets you back up all of your contacts where they’re stored securely in the cloud. DUB will automatically update your Address Book as well as leverage some location aware functionality to find contacts in your area or at a venue. Other DUB features include:
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DubMeNow contact exchange now includes location aware feature


DubMeNow began as a way for BlackBerry users to easily exchange business card information and they’ve recently added a new feature to their app.

The new feature is called ‘Locate’ and it gives you the ability to exchange contact information such as email, phone, address, photo, etc. and links to their social networks, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and more using their location.

The Locate feature should be a hit with users at a conference or venue that they know they’re going to want to exchange information with the people around them.

Included in the latest update are some new improvements as well including:

  • Users can add a photo to their contact info, and include social networking information such as Twitter handles, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr accounts, blog URLs and much more.
  • Users can send a LinkedIn invitation along with their contact info.

To download DubMeNow, visit http://m.dubmenow.com from your BlackBerry Browser, or find it free on App World.


DubMeNow mobile business cards now with LinkedIn



DubMeNow is an easy way to exchange contacts with business partners on the go. DUB sends your contact information from your BlackBerry directly to the address book of your recipient’s BlackBerry.

Recently, DubMeNow have gone version 2.0 with their product and have added a new interface, ability to send LinkedIn invites, faster downloads and more. Version 2.5 will be coming in September and it will include the ability to connect via GPS (no email or phone number needed to send card), add photos and over twenty social media fields to your card, plus a Groups tab so you can see and connect with any member of any Group you join from your device.

Create your DubMeNow card and get started.