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Peek bringing mobile e-mail back to basics


Peek with BlackBerry Curve

Remember the days when the BlackBerry was just an e-mail pager? No phone, no GPS, no Wi-Fi, no camera, just straight-up e-mail? Things have gotten a little more complicated since then, but Peek is trying to whittle things down to the single most important service our BlackBerry provides. Seeing an e-mail-only handset with a modern layout certainly makes us BlackBerry enthusiasts wonder if we’ve strayed too far from the core functionality, or if we even need all those other bells and whistles. Sure, I’ve been plenty happy to have some of the navigation features on my BlackBerry Bold, but Scott, who managed to get a first glance at the Peek, made one very good point.

“When I talk to less technology savvy people, their number one complaint is that most products nowadays do too much. Many of them just want something that can make a phone call, or a camera that just makes photos without trying to be too cocky.”

What do you guys think? Is the BlackBerry getting too cocky? Is its complexity overwhelming the average consumer? If you’re looking for something more simple, Peek should be due out in two weeks for $99.99 at Target, and cost $19.99/month for unlimited e-mail.

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New BlackBerry software and updates (Round-up)


Extra!It’s been a pretty busy week so far, so some cool apps slipped under our radar. No fear, here are a bunch of recent BlackBerry software updates and launches that you might be interested in checking out.

  • GPSed updated to 0.999: Now with social track sharing on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, and Blogger.
  • Tiggit launched: An alternative e-mail client that lets you access IMAP, POP3 and SMTP e-mail.
  • Vlingo updated to 1.1: Now featuring e-mail replying and forwarding, along with connection improvements. Works with OS 4.5!
  • MyCaption launched: Transcribes your e-mail to text – just start talking.
  • PictureDial launched: Browse the web and your address book with pictures rather than lists.

BlackBerry Unite! updated for rich e-mail


BlackBerry Unite!BlackBerry Unite! has released what they’re calling MR2, which is an automatic update for Unite! users enabling some fresh features like rich content e-mail, one-click policy resets, the ability to restrict file transfers and change e-mail polling intervals. If you haven’t checked it out, BlackBerry Unite! is free server software for small groups up to five people. If you’re already using it, just reactivate your BlackBerry, and you should be good to enjoy the new features.

(via BerryReview)

BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 released


BlackBerry LogoAdmins rejoice! The latest patch for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is available for download. The device-side software made it out yesterday, and BIS was upgraded a couple of weeks ago, so the circle of upgrading is all completed. Big changes in this service pack include rich content e-mail, support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Lotus Sametime 8.0, and control RIM value-added applications. On top of that, reconciling permanent message deletion has been improved, and there are also some changes to the BlackBerry Configuration Database schema, the naming of collaboration clients, Mobile Data System conventions and related software. As for that PDF vulnerability, this patch should take care of everything A-O-K. Go ahead and download BES 4.1.6 here, or scope out the update notes here.

(via BerryReview)

Visto bites back in patent battle


Punch in the faceAlthough Visto has coughed up the dough to RIM for some patent infringement already, the U.S. Patent Office has validated a whooping 21 patent claims prior to the next round of legalities. RIM had countersued Visto after some initial litigations, which are set to resume following RIM’s win earlier this summer. The patents in question surround e-mail synchronization between handsets and local servers – clearly something Visto has a stake in, and obviously a technology vital to the continued operation of BlackBerrys. Looks like Visto’s down but far from out…

Vlingo launches software for BlackBerry


You’ve seen some of their fine white label work with Yahoo!, but Vlingo’s going it alone with their new application which promises to control pretty much everything on your BlackBerry through voice. All BlackBerrys come built in with a voice dialling app, but Vlingo is going to do a lot more than just that… You’ll be able to text and e-mail by dictation, open applications like Calendar and Maps, search your address book, and make web searches using Vlingo. One very cool feature Vlingo’s packing is Note2Self, where you can pull the classic “Note to self: Pick up laundry. Groom cat. Begin plans for global domination”, which then get tacked onto your tasks, or sent to yourself as an e-mail or text. Super-awesome. I’m really excited about the possibility of third-party apps plugging into Vlingo, too. Tune in to our next podcast to get the full down-low on the new software.

Click this link to download Vlingo for free or head to m.vlingo.com on your BlackBerry.