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BIS 2.5 upgrade coming June 28th, with HTML e-mail?


A diagram of BIS operation

Rumor has it that a BIS upgrade to version 2.5 will open up rich text e-mail viewing for a number of newer devices. Servers will supposedly be down for BIS users on June 28, from midnight to 8:00 AM while the upgrade is underway. The feature is long overdue, with talks of HTML mail viewing stretching all the way back to WES ’07 and earlier. Aside from e-mail, the calendar improvements like free/busy calendar lookup and over the air device software upgrades are also on the line for the BIS upgrade. Keep your eye out this weekend for some changes…

(via BGR)


Telus launches voice-based Outlook access


TelusNow here’s an interesting service. Telus just announced Outlook Voice Access for their hosted Exchange server, which lets users dictate, listen and forward e-mails through their BlackBerry, as well as a bunch of other web-based Outlooky options, like access agendas, documents and contacts. Hosted Exchange is a fine option for SMBs, and this new Outlook Voice Access is some fine icing on the cake. You’re looking at $14/month for the professional plan, plus another $10/month for BlackBerry syncing, but there are a few other BlackBerry voice services through Telus that might be worth looking into. For more details, head on over here.

Live Messenger and Hotmail coming to BlackBerry


MicroRIMAs if RIM wasn’t getting cuddly enough with Apple via iTunes support in the Bold, they’re also making nice with Microsoft by giving Hotmail push capabilities and supporting Live Messenger. The only other company to get the red carpet rolled out like that so far has been Google, and to a lesser extent Yahoo!, but clearly RIM’s willing to work with just about any of the big players. Expect this to go live come summertime. Thanks, BBSync!

TCS and RIM reach legal stalemate


GavelTeleCommunication Systems filed a patent lawsuit against RIM back in December over the use of some e-mail technologies, but so far proceedings are going nowhere. As a result, they’re calling it quits for now while both parties reassess their strategies. Round 2 should get going around June 12th., after which point we’ll see if TCS actually has a leg to stand on.

OS 4.5 in action


4.5EmailThere isn’t much in the most recent list of OS 4.5 features that we haven’t heard before, but aside from the odd peeks, we have yet to really see it in action. Jibi got the chance to try out the e-mail client’s rich text editing, the calendar’s availability lookup, and remote e-mail searching on the new BlackBerry operating system, and it’s looking pretty sweet so far. Part of me is thinking RIM might be saving this wonderbang for WES, but that still feels like a ways off.

RIM gets hit with e-mail patent lawsuit


GavelTeleCommunication Systems based out of Virginia came knocking on RIM’s door yesterday about their patent for an e-mail system which handles multiple logins under one app. Not only is TCS looking for damages, but they also want an injunction made against RIM to stop them from using it. C’mon, now. Isn’t the money enough? These kind of things have been known to end amicably, so here’s hoping we don’t have another NTP on our hands.