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Review: SimCity Societies for BlackBerry by Electronic Arts


SimCity Societies for BlackBerry is a socio-economic simulator by EA.

While traditional SimCity games are billed as “city-building simulators”, SimCity Societies focuses more on your city’s population and their needs as a society.

Something that shapes the look an feel of your city is the political spectrum. As mayor if you implement a lot of authoritative policies, your city will look the part with secret police stations and early curfews . If your focus is business then your city will take on a capitalist tone with skyscrapers and department stores. If you like it liberal, your city will be able to have buildings like a game development company and a recycling center.
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Now Available From Bplay


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 by EA is now available on Bplay. The game features 3D graphics, 4 different game modes, as well as lots of characters and courses to choose from. You can tee off from Turnberry, Hazeltine and Bethpage. You can also play legendary links such as Pebble Beach. On that note, what’s the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards.

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EA to build BlackBerry marketing kiosks


EAGames publisher Electronic Arts will be launching a pilot program in AT&T and Rogers stores early next year to install informational kiosks that show all of the stuff BlackBerrys can do for them. Let’s be fair, there’s a lot they can do, and your average consumer won’t really be aware of the possibilities by just looking at the device, and store reps can be hit and miss when it comes to information. It’s going to be set up in a storytelling format, where different users recount their experiences with BlackBerrys and how they use it. So long as they don’t have those irritating radio announcers like in SSX or Burnout, these kiosks might actually have a shot of working out in the long run. Thanks Ronen!

EDIT: Woops. That would be Electronic Art doing the kiosks. Slightly different operation, and makes a bit more sense.