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5 Must-Add Custom Search Engines for BlackBerry 7


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eBay for BlackBerry App Updated with Deal Finder Feature



RIM has updated the eBay for BlackBerry app and it now features eBay’s Deal Finder. With Deal Finder, eBay customers will be able to find the best deals. The feature compares prices on eBay.com with prices on retail websites such as Amazon and Best Buy, and brings shoppers the best discounts on movies, video games, electronics, music and books on eBay. The eBay app will now include deals from Deal Finder, which will replace the Daily Deal feature in the application.
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eBay App for BlackBerry Out of Beta and Available in App World


The eBay app for BlackBerry could previously be found in the BlackBerry App World Test Center. While there, it amassed a million downloads and is now officially out of Beta and available in App World under the categories Shopping > Online Shopping. Along with becoming an official release, the app now features:

  • View all scheduled items for sale, active items, and all sold and unsold items
  • Ability to relist items for sale when current auction ends with no sale
  • As a buyer, ask the seller a question from within the listing
  • As a seller, reply to the buyer’s question

The eBay app is free and available in North America, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Official eBay app now available in App World



RIM and eBay have launched a beta version of the official eBay app for BlackBerry. The app was discussed back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, and is now available for you to try.

The eBay app gives you the ability to buy, pay, and check ebay activity from your BlackBerry. The coolest part of this app is that it pushes status notifications of eBay listings in real-time, to let you know if you’ve won a bid, you’re being outbid, or a listing on your Watch List is ending soon.

Other features include:

  • Add to Calendar – Users can add the end time and reminders for auctions to their calendar.
  • Payments – Users with a PayPal account can purchase directly through the application.
  • Search by Location – Buyers can specify their search for items up to 1,200 miles from their home location.

The eBay app is available in App World.

Ebay application for BlackBerry sneak peek


At the BlackBerry Developer conference we got a sneak peek at the upcoming ebay app for BlackBerry.

The app features a deal of the day where you can bid on the day’s hot item. Another great feature of the app is the ability to add a reminder to bid on an item, with a fully integrated calendar alert system.

If you’re an ebay fan, be sure to pick up this app when it goes live. We’ll keep you posted on pricing and release date, but so far all we know is it will be available in App World later this month.

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eBay pre-release BlackBerry devices are a waste of money



Here at BlackBerry Cool, we have had our share of pre-release BlackBerry devices in the office. While it’s fun to play with the device and get an idea of the form factor, the software hasn’t been through the requisite testing and is usually very buggy. The OS is generally outdated and overall, it’s a very limited version of what you will get when the device comes to market.

A company on eBay is currently offering two pre-release BlackBerry devices: the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (listed as the BlackBerry Onyx).

The above image is a screencap of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 listing and it shows just how ridiculous this listing is. The image shows the 9700 with a trackball. We know the device will be shipping with a trackpad and if you were to purchase this device you would be seriously missing out. Currently, the item’s highest bid is at US $1,625.00.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is currently bidding at US $1,125.00 and it’s looking like it might be a scam. While the seller has a great seller’s rating, the item uses a picture from Engadget. The only other image attached to the auction looks like a mess of wires. If the user was serious about this sale, you would think they would take the time to post a proper picture as in the case of the 9700 listing. Again, with this purchase you are going to miss out on what could be a great device. A touchscreen BlackBerry such as the Storm 2 will have to go through an incredibly rigorous testing period as the accelerometer and new UI adds more levels of complexity. Buying this device before it’s ready for market will be a complete waste of your hard earned money.

I’m not even going to link to the eBay auction out of principle.